Monday, 18 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey : Week 4 : Social Systems

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Activity #1 : ​Mixed-Member​ ​Proportional​ ​(MMP)
In 1996 , New Zealand adopted the MMP voting system . In September 2017 , we had a national election . Everyone in New Zealand over the age of 18 , were invited to vote for who they wanted to form the next and new government of New Zealand .  The race was real close and in the end , Labour came on top allied with the Green party and New Zealand First . They formed a Coalition government because it includes people from three different governments. 
If I had to form a coalition government , I would choose my 2 of my friends . I would choose Vuni , Gary . Two smart people . I choose Vuni because he's someone I can relate to . I choose gary because he is one of the smartest people I know and he could be a great person in a coalition government.
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  1. Hey again LJ, it's cool to hear that you'd form a coalition with your two friends, Vuni and Gary. It's always a good idea to choose two smart people, and people that think the same way as you and can relate to you.

    What do you think might happen if you guys have a disagreement? Would you fall out or be able to resolve the issue?

    Thanks, Billy