Sunday, 17 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey : Week 3 : Groovy Man ( The 1970's )

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In the 1970's , One of the most famous television programs was called , Ready To Roll . It was broadcast on saturday afternoons and was hosted by a man named Roger Gascoigne . Roger would introduce music to the fans and then have invited people that were currently famous and get them to perform songs that were currently popular . If I were a person to perform a song on there , I to be honest , wouldn't really be up to it cause I'm not a pro at singing . But If I were , I would have wanted to perform
 B.E.R's Night Begins To Shine ( If I could ) . But I don't really know the lyrics so chances of success is a Zero . 

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  1. Kia ora LJ,
    I loved this task because when I watched the music videos from this program it made me laugh so much because everything seemed so strange, the music, the hair styles, and the way they danced were so weird, things were so different back them.
    I think you have misinterpreted this activity because for this task you are required to:
    "Watch the following three clips that were shown on the Ready to Roll programme:

    Golden Harvest

    Ray Columbus and the Invaders

    New Zealand Underdogs

    When you have finished, rank the clips in order from your most favourite (#1) to your least favourite (#3). Post your rankings on your blog. "

    In order for you to gain full points for this activity I need you to do that and let me know?

    Dig in and keep blogging! You can do this!
    Kia kaha,