Monday, 23 March 2015

Monday, 9 March 2015

I'm Bad Jelly the Witch:The Night of Deja Vu

On ‘The Night of Deja Vu’ when good things or bad things happened to witches and wizards in the dreams of people.Me ‘Bad Jelly The Witch’ was out and about jumping around when I saw two children walking up my mountain, and I made a decision to kidnap the children so I made my move as I had my hand out and ordered to have a sack with a spell of warmth from the inside. I wanted the children to be my dinner for ‘The Night of Deja Vu’ so I had a plan to cook fresh child-Vuw stew from my beasts tongue who awaits me in my castle,I call her Doom,the castle of doom! I call her Sally as well. I stepped forward “ Oh, hello child, what are doing in this cold weather” It looked as if they needed warmth. “Child, hop into this sack, it is very warm and I shall then take you down the mountain.” they smiled and went on in  “ah hahaha you little children fell right into my trap!”.They tried to get out but they were stuck inside the sack ,so now all I have to  do is get back to my castle, the castle of doom! or just Sally,whatever and cook’em up”Okay Sally dinner will be ready in ten minutes!” and this is what the response was “Aarrrhgg!”
I think that was a good sign, as she threw a rock at me, hehehe.

“okey dokey I’ll be in the kitchen, the kitchen of doom! or Sallys kitchen.” I skipped along and my castle of doom! threw a rock at me ,again “So you want a giant rock, a roasted giant rock you said!” “Aarrrhgg!” “ Sally said.I was in a squashed position as I groaned in a very painful voice as I went to get a bandage for my back in the medic room,or shall I say the medic room of doom! or Sally’s medical room.So  I left the sack with my trust-worthy servent with ten eyes, but I forgot his name, thats all I know of him and went in the kitchen, the kitchen of doom! or either way sally’s kitchen. Meanwhile I was cooking up my vegetables in the stew. I had Croockly, Plumpkin, abit of frogs breath, mud and grass then I added all my seasonings such as, mixed ferbs and hair, nice splotchy spice and a touch Dragons fire tooth which was roasted on the grizzly grill . Then I came out of the kitchen, the kitchen of doom!, or as everybodys knows, Sally’s kitchen and I went to my trustworthy servant and saw that there was nothing the sack s. I yelled and screamed and threw a giant rock at the wall of doom! I grabbed my broomstick the broomstick of doom! and flew out of my castle to find those children. I then saw the children but they ran and I was not able to catch em as they left the territory I was not able to leave so this is the last they’ll ever see me.  

My E-ako trophy

My First E-ako Trophy