Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Minigolf Blogpost. - 2016 - LJ

Today , On Tuesday we headed out again for mini golf in the hot sun  . For my partners it was  Me ( LJ ) , Azure , Fine , Eve and M.J . With our teacher Ms Morrison . Everyone else was sectioned off with other adults or teachers  . In minigolf there were two parts to it . So a set of groups had their own course to themselves down below where the moving monkey statue was and further down . But where me and my team were heading was up where the other set of courses were . Some going high and low . We first started on the course where it looked like a ' Key ' Course  . We took turns where all of our shots were rebounding of the concrete edge  on the course because without the concrete walls the shots would be going anywhere . But each course had their own section depending on how big the course but it was small enough for my teammates to fit in and we were told to stay off the green or else we would interrupt the others shots . I was close to interrupting Eve's shot but I dodged it by jumping above the ball , that small , small ball . Don't know why I jumped . I could have just gone wide and let it go through me . Heading onto the next course it was a shot that goes up but comes back down to go for the goal!. We were told  " You want to get the least to win " by our teacher Ms Morrison so I tried but I mostly got more so don't know if I lost or so because getting more would mostly mean you would lose but on some I got the least , Heading on there were many courses but we had to take a break soon enough right ? But we didn't know we had to leave early .With being told to eat and after we eat we have to go on the bus because the bus already arrived before we ate . Finishing our food , we head onto the bus with someone we never knew but heading back home we talked and never sang anything . But On the way back we mistakenly sang twinkle twinkle little star . Heading back we finished or reflections.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

29.11.16 - LJ

Today On Tuesday , We , Or the camp people started off With Activity 5 . The TEAM shields . Meanwhile I was told to do a thank you card for the teachers who looked after me while Ms Aireen and The Others were gone . I couldn't figure out what to draw on my thank you card for The EOTC teachers so I went random and I never scribbled on it just random decorations on the front blank side .

Using many felts I coloured it with many different Idea's of my own because I never had any Ideas at all in my mind . But I went ahead and finished it . Then Instead of sitting there I made different templates of shields . My best shield was the one with the skull on top . Then after that we did the same thing but we were helping each other finish our shields .

Monday, 28 November 2016

Friday, 25 November 2016

Thursday, 24 November 2016

EOTC #4 and 3 - Heading To The Monterey Theateres and The School fun day.

Today , we had went to the Monterey Theaters in Howick heading there to watch the secret life of pets along with some parent helpers. I was with Ms Shiriwastow with Timote , and Others names I forgot . But anyway we got there In our seats and before we got to watch the new yet old movie Secret Life Of Pets  ( Because it was released quite a while ago ) . 

Even though I had seen this yet again it was quite funny to see how pets react to their owners leaving them in the house for a day . And in the movie letting that happen would make them either play around the house or venturing outside by themselves or with an owner.

I was shifting around from crossing one leg and not doing it . The seats felt too small for me . My favourite part of the movie was when they went through the sausage hallucination because it made me want sausages as well and at the same time I really felt hungry . Minutes and Minutes of watching it got to the sad part . This was because years and years after Duke's Former relationship with his previous owner , the owner had passed away. 

The School Fun day.

Yesterday we got to do rotation activities , The four stations were face painting , Christmas tree making , Making a Huge star or flower with chip bags , and Finger painting . We had to do all four of the activities even if we didn't finish the stuff we were making but I did . In the flower station me and my group ( Perenara , Suave and Me ) , managed to finish our flower before time ran out.

And then after break We had to finish off our stations because I had already finished the face painting , Making the huge flower , Finger painting . Then coming down to the last one christmas tree making . I never really got it at first but me and my friend Perenara sort of mucked up our first attempt so we had to repeat it . Then after a few steps we finally figured out how it made up the ' Christmas Tree ' in paper . It was sort of annoying because the strips still joined in the middle would never stick .Couple of minutes later I finished it and the strips stuck on . Making the Christmas tree . We finished it off putting glue on and spreading glitter making it look great. 

Then we went to the final event of the day the slip and slide . We were so excited we went onto the water slide first A couple of people later it was my turn and I slid hitting the ground and the tarpaulin hard at the same time making me groan as I went to the back of the line but I saw sponges in buckets full of water so me and Perenara went there to throw some water at people except teachers because they were never ready for water . As time went on we threw and chucked water at people countless times until it came to the end with me wetting myself hard with hot water getting my entire body wet and it felt good because I felt like I was gonna dry out before the day ended . Heading back upstairs to the toilets we got changed and sat outside the classes . 

I had felt tired and after all that I was about to walk home until I got picked up my family and headed on home.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Celebrating Ourselves - LJ

Today we had learn't why it is very important to embrace our achievements and our own uniqueness ( me )

I am worthy to be celebrated because I found out what and why people like us and I also gain a sense of self value because if you think other people are special why not about yourself?.

My fellow classmates had described me as a person who makes others laugh , a good and nice person , a very active type of person and a weird person which I will probably take as a compliment and finally a trustworthy person also a intelligent person.

It is important to recognise value in yourself because I am special because I am part of a family who had mastered tattoos being passed down generation from generation , artist to artist .Although I can't do that myself ( mastering the art of tattoos ) but I have a different idea of what I might do for the future.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Reflection Of The Two Key Competencies.


1 - Participating and Contributing .
2 - Relating To Others.

Participating and Contributing. -
This morning we were discussing the meanings of Participating and Contributing and Relating to others.
We had a brainstorm talking about the different meanings of the two. Participating and contributing meaning that everyone has to play a part in activities or many other things going on for others it is in camp but I will not be going sadly but I wanted to if I could .

Relating to others - In the next minute or so we were talking about Relating To Others .The  Meanings consist of Talking to a wide range of people  , Being involved actively , working together effectively  , cooperating in learning , Seeking feedback and feedforward  . This involved Room 9 as well . So it was more of a teamwork based activity rather than a single class . Because this was also based on camp as well that was  a reason for both two main senior classes to come together.


Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Where would you live - Timote and LJ

Where would you live

With humans evolving they have learned to live in a technologically world.They were presented  with great choices on where to live . They now have extensive choices  but people today still share the same fundamental and survival needs as their cave-dwelling ancestors with food and water , shelter from the elements and the protection from threats.

In 2011 , Archaeologists had discovered the oldest evidence of a cave used 77,000 years ago.From inside the Sibudu cave in South Africa . The investigations of the ancient beds revealed medicinal leaves , stems and grass in sediment then measuring about three metres of thick.

Caves had provided a natural ,convenient source of shelter . Along with protection from predators . Speleologists people who study caves and their features . Archeologists long have been aware of signs in early life in caves such as the remains of fires.

Early christians and other refugees who lived in what is now a region of Cappadocia had created entire cities over 3,500 years ago. To keep themselves safe from a prosecution and the underground city of Derinkuyu , was home to about 3,000 people and it had a few entrances that had easily could been blocked off. And it was of course defended.

The City had about 5 separate floors of caves and was inhabited to the depth of 60 metres. Caves had formed on the hillsides of Cappadocia .They had provided shelter for communities until the early part of the 20th century. Cave entrances can be visible or hidden . The historically Significant Skocjan caves   in Slovenia had some entrances .