Monday, 30 April 2018

Graphics : All About Me

In this post , I have just moved to a new class . Graphics . We finished food tech last term and we have been currently moved to graphics but , I've been in graphics before and it's been really fun to do . But this time , It's different . This post represents things that I like . 

Monday, 16 April 2018

Year 9 Camp Reflection

Highlights ? 
- Getting to talk to my classmates during our activities, 
- Getting out of my comfort zone to do things that I'm not use to , 
- Conquering my fear of heights and also watching other people do it . 
- Talking to different people I don't usually hang out with from different classes . Talking to them straight will strengthen your relationship with them .
- Bonding with new people , One example of that was playing handball with the other year 9's from different classes. 
- Getting dirty in the muddy activities (Confidence course) 
- Sleeping with my friends
It was pretty funny because we were telling jokes with each other . I think Lyndon was the only one asleep cause I never really heard him . 
- Me and my class winning the talent show .
- Chasing some people around at night was fun . 

Challenges at camp 
1. Archery 
Archery was a bit hard because I wasn't really getting the target zone sometimes . But I managed to get there when I re-positioned my bow .

2. Communication
Communication in my group for building a raft was kind of complicated because we weren't really talking to one another and one key attribute to building the raft was communication (sharing Ideas) . But eventually , We came to talk with one another . Each person having something to do .

3. Belief 
Believing in myself was kind of hard since I was a couple of feet in  the air on the log walk course . I knew I had help from people on the ground but I couldn't really stop a rush of fear from creeping in but I got there because I knew I could do it . I just had to take it nice and slow .

4. Trying new Things 
There are heaps of things at the year 9 camp I've never done before . Like the log walk , Getting out of the triangle without touching the triangle ,and a whole bunch of other tasks . But I got through them with some challenge in it . 

5. Support
One thing some of us needed was support . The biggest course people needed support in was the log walk . Because walking this high can amp up your fear a lot . But not letting it control you would get you to the other side . That and taking it nice and slow .

Any Improvements ? 
I think that it should have lasted a little bit longer . It was fun but I think it ended a little too soon .

Science : Plate Tectonics

2 Plate Tectonics                              Feb 2018

Powerpoint presentations:   2
Follow the link below, play the video(s) and try out the explore activity!

Task 1

These videos talk about plate tectonics  Video 2  Video 3  Video 4    6

Task 2:  What do the following terms mean?

a) tectonic plate-

b) convergent- Continent Continent-Collision,
Continent-Oceanic crust Collision, Ocean-Ocean Collision

c) divergent - Ridges are formed

d)        Transform - Plates slide past each other

d) subduction -  when the oceanic crust goes under another plate

e.  Large pieces of the Earth’s crust are called tectonic plates. Name:

1) the two tectonic plates New Zealand sits across. Include an image here.
Australian plate and pacific plate

2) two other major tectonic plates -
Eurasian Plate & North American Plate

3) a plate that has no continents on it - Not sure.

Task 3: Tectonic plates can move apart, come together or slide past each other.
Describe, using a named example and image, what happens when plates:

a) move apart -  ( Ridges are formed )

b) come together - ( Mountains are formed , Subduction , Trenches are formed )

c) slide past each other - Transform

Task 4:  Plate Tectonics Boundaries

  • Explore - Plates of the Earth

Plate Tectonics Jigsaw puzzle
Click on the image on this page near the top right and complete the activity.

Screenshot your completed map below.

Task 6:

Task 3. Crossword. Open it here and click on the link to view the crossword.
Copy the crossword and answer.

Science - Weightlessness In Orbit

Friday, 13 April 2018

Social Studies : Traditions Research

Food Tech : Hot Cakes

Food Tech : French Toast

Cultural Traditions Summary

Image result for Samoan Tattoo designs
Why I chose to research this culture , Was because I am a person who is very interested in art . Art to me is a very special subject or thing , That involves creativity . I like being creative in my drawings . From doing weapons to simple art patterns . But even though I could draw various Samoan patterns I wanted to know , How were these patterns even made ? whose Idea was this ? . 

My first plan was to do cultural dances but that came under white Sunday and someone was doing white Sunday so I scrapped that plan and went on with doing The Samoan tattoo . 

Some interesting aspects about this tradition was the fact that it wasn't really Samoans who came up with the Idea for Samoan tattoos . Instead , They were Fijian women . Obviously patterns are can be used to make things look great but even better . But they all have meanings that I discovered . Each meaning is very important. I ended up presenting along with everyone else and It went well .

Image result for Samoan Tattoo designs