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Blog Commenting : Kensington

I've taken my last hours here
 ( Because I'm going Samoa Tomorrow) and have decided to blog comment on a familiar person I know . His name is Kensington . He's just started on his Summer Learning Journey too . Many others have just started but I've already finished with Aletheia . I'm sure everyone will find the journey exciting . I did too .
Anyways , I have commented on his blog saying how well he is doing well on his first blog .
My Comment :

Going Samoa Tomorrow !

Tomorrow , I'm leaving NZ to go to Samoa . It's for christmas so me and my parents get to visit my grandma . We're going to be there for three weeks and I'll be coming on the 5 of January .  I hope to have a great time at Samoa . Have a great christmas everyone !
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Blog Commenting : Aletheia

The journey has recently just ended for me and Aletheia and we both have decided to do blog commenting . I've recently gotten a comment from Aletheia about the Moana blog post for the Summer Learning Journey  .
My Reply :

I call her the blog queen cause she blogs faster than anyone else I know . 

Blog Commenting : Zain , From Glen Innes School

Image result for Blog CommentingAfter the end of the Summer Learning Journey for me , I've taken up the Idea to blog comment on participants of the Summer Learning Journey . My first blog to comment on , Was Zain . Zain is a person from Glen Innes school . I think he started his Learning Journey today . He's doing great so far . I wonder if he can write something else that's great.

My Comment :

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Summer Learning Journey : The End Of The Journey

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I'd like to take this moment to thank Rachel who started the Learning Journey because I couldn't have learned this much from this journey . It's been fun doing these tasks for me , It's only been 4 days . It was supposed to be four weeks . But me going to Samoa tomorrow motivated me to blog as much as I can before I go . And I did just that . To Aletheia who participated as well as many others, Thank you for joining me and everyone else who participated . I think that it was just me and Aletheia blogging because I never saw anyone else do that . At the end , we caught up  with one another to finish this journey . Even though it's just started , We're reaching our end today . I'll try and comment on other people besides Aletheia . It's been great going through time learning about history . 
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Summer Learning Journey : Final Bonus Activity #14 - Blade Runner 2049 .

The last bonus activity for the learning Journey . 
There is a new movie running in the cinemas . It is Blade Runner 2049 . It is a movie about the world in the Year 2049 .
If I were able to travel through time and see the future at the year 2099 , I would probably think that there would be no more humans left . Now I know what your thinking . 
Me in the voice of sarcasm: ( The Apocalypse is happening with robots . They took over the human race . Noo...) . For one thing , That is possible , But for another , I'd probably just see flying cars, Holograms everywhere , People wearing technology like glasses for example . People may not even have to use actual computers anymore ! , they could just use holograms . 
Everyone could use phones like this:
Image result for Future phones

Or use cars like this :
Image result for Future Cars

Either Way , I think that the future could be fine . Well . Before that we'd probably have World War 3 Between Trump & North Korea . Currently they're threatening one another before they snap and then bang . World War 3 . 
I think the future could be fine . Besides the robot apocalypse thing everyone's trying to prevent by creating robots that obey humans . Some even have human minds .
So yes . The Future could look like this :

Image result for The future destruction
World War 3 Outcome.

Or like this 
Image result for The future technology
Not world war 3.

What do you think?

Summer Learning Journey : Week 4 : Day 5 : Looking Into The Future.

Activity #1 : Your Future Self 
It may be hard to imagine but one day you will finish and graduate from college and it will be hard to decide what to do next  . You may want to study at university , become an apprentice , go to training college , travel , Or start working . There are so many options to pick ! .
One thing I'd like to do is design . I like to do drawings alot so that will help . Maybe I could design a car or another weapon because I mostly like drawing weapons . Or design new cultural patterns .

Image result for flying cars

If I had to choose a future flying car , I would choose this . An Aerial Porsche . I'd choose this for speed and also I think it's really light so it will do the job if you want to go faster . But of course , there are faster cars . Like the Lamborghini Centenario , Aventador , The T20 , The Tuatara 
( Yes . It's a car . Not the animal , the car .) 

Then there's this BEAST
Image result for Hummer
For those of you who don't know , This is a Hummer . A type of Truck or SUV . It's a famous brand besides jeep . They're sort of like the same but I'm not really sure if they have a hummersine . Yes . Hummer went that far with their luxury they decided to create a Limousine crossed with a hummer . A Hummersine . Good thinking .

Then there's this classic .
This wouldn't be a bad look for a flying car but yeah . You wouldn't want wind rushing over your face when your flying in the sky.

I choose .... The Hummer . The hummer is a good mix of speed and armor . It's a heavy car so It could probably withstand an accident depending on how fast you go. Most sports cars have a lighter armor to go more faster . This car is a good mix . 
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Summer Learning Journey : Bonus Activity #13 - ​Singing​ ​a​ ​Different​ ​Tune

A number of New Zealand singers and songwriters have emerged onto the music scene becoming both popular in New Zealand and Overseas . One of these artists , Lorde , is gaining a lot of recognition for her unique style in singing and songwriting . People seem to like the lyrics that she writes in her songs.       
One Of My Favourite Songs : B.E.R - Rise Up.
 I have many favourites . This is just one of them.

Lyrics :
See the world
While you're young and beautiful
Come with me
Build a dream
Life is here for us to see
Feel anew, All in tune
The melody sounds over you
Let the music make your morning groove
With the beat that makes your body move
Build a dream

Life is here for us to see

Feel anew, All in tune

The melody sounds over you

Let the music make your morning groove

With the beat that makes your body move

Say the words

(the words)

Rise up, come on and get with me

Say the words

(the words)

And feel the wave of the energy

Rise up
Rise up

And feel the wave of the energy

Rise up
Rise up

Say the words that will set you free

Hold me close

We'll see the sunrise morning glow

Sail away, feel the breeze

We'll walk the sands of seven seas

When the music takes us all the way

With the beat, the fun, that's here to stay
Say the words (the words) Rise up, come on and get with me Say the words (the words) And feel the wave of the energy Rise up Rise up And feel the wave of the energy Rise up Rise up Say the words that'll set you free (rise up) Say the words that'll set you free (rise up) And feel the wave of the energy (rise up) Let the music make your morning groove
With the beat that'll make your body move Say the words (the words) Music, man will set you free Say the words (the words) And feel the wave of the energy Rise up Rise up And feel the wave of the energy Rise up Rise up Come say the words with me Rise up Rise up See the words, feel the wave of the energy (Rise up) Say the words that'll set you free (Rise up) And feel the wave of the energy Rise up (rise up) Say the words that will set you free

Summer Learning Journey : Week 4 : Activity 2 : Country Calender

Image result for Country calendar

Did any of you know that the longest running show in New Zealand HISTORY is Country Calendar ? . This historic show made it's debut the 6th Of March 1966 and has carried on ever since . If you can figure out the math , You're a smart person . You're still a smart person even if you don't figure it out . So it doesn't really matter if you get the question wrong . 

Anyways , What do I think is so challenging for these farmers.
I think one thing that's challenging is keeping their entire farm safe. It might be easy but I think that it's grown due to popularity and there's a lot more to be taken care of these days .

Looking after animals . Looking after their crops or food is one thing . Looking after their animals is another thing too . Some animals might like to run around the place and it is hard to keep them contained . I guess they must have better homes for them now . If not better ways to keep them contained and fed . 

Last thing . Taking care of the vehicles . Yes . farmers use some machines to help with cutting down or digging to grow some crops on . Back then It would have taken longer than usual . Now a days it's a little shorter but it's still long . 

Would I like to become a farmer ?
Not really . I would probably pursue my dreams of becoming an artist or a person who works with technology . To me that sounds great . But of course , working at a farm sounds great too . What would you want to do ?

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Summer Learning Journey : ​Contemporary​ ​Entertainment

Image result for MoanaIn late 2016 , the movie Moana was released by disney . It's a story about a polynesian girl from the fictional island of Motunui who goes on an adventure to find the truth about her ancestors . 

Short Script 

Moana : I'm gonna do this for my village because you just wounded the islands when you took away the heart of Te Fiti .

Maui : Fine . Go on ahead . 

Moana : Thank you ! . 

* Waits for maui *

Maui : UGHHH . Fine . I'm coming .

Moana : Thank you for your help . Demigod .

Maui : Oh Be Quiet . Now let's go . We got more than just one Island to save.

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Monday, 18 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey : Bonus Activity #13 - ​Modern​ ​Learning​ ​Environments

Over the years , Schools have changed the way they teach . Instead of one teacher working in one classroom with one group of students , Some schools have built huge classrooms where teachers work together to teach a big group of students . This is called , The Modern Learning Environment . (MLE For short). Some students prefer today's learning environment while others aren't sure .

Here Is My MLE

Forgot to add beanbags. 

Summer Learning Journey : Week 4 : Migration

Image result for 3 things about auckland

Over the past decades , there has a huge rise in the number of people coming to New Zealand to live here or travel . I was one of those . It was a good choice my parents made to raise me in a peaceful country and fairly rich country . 
But raising me in Samoa, could have been the biggest mistake . If I had , I would have come back to my house a scar on my back because of how hard the teachers hit . Yes . The teachers in Samoa hit the children that are being rude . Luckily , I was born in Auckland , New Zealand  . Good thing . The schools here don't dish hiding's  if the children are being rude with the meter ruler .
If you came to visit my hometown , you would be surprised to find out that more people live in Auckland . About 1/3 of New Zealand's population live in Auckland . You'd add to that . Even if no one recognized . 

Another Thing , Auckland is New Zealand's metropolis . For everyone who does not know what metropolis , It is a city in the DC Comics in which Superman lives in . It's quite popular as well I think.

Last Thing : The food . The food in Auckland is alright . It's not bad to eat . If you're a fan of seafood , You could find some in the shops . But if you want to catch it yourself , Try going fishing some time . Fishing is one thing that goes on in New Zealand.

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Summer Learning Journey : Week 4 : Social Systems

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Activity #1 : ​Mixed-Member​ ​Proportional​ ​(MMP)
In 1996 , New Zealand adopted the MMP voting system . In September 2017 , we had a national election . Everyone in New Zealand over the age of 18 , were invited to vote for who they wanted to form the next and new government of New Zealand .  The race was real close and in the end , Labour came on top allied with the Green party and New Zealand First . They formed a Coalition government because it includes people from three different governments. 
If I had to form a coalition government , I would choose my 2 of my friends . I would choose Vuni , Gary . Two smart people . I choose Vuni because he's someone I can relate to . I choose gary because he is one of the smartest people I know and he could be a great person in a coalition government.
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Summer Learning Journey : Bonus Activity #13 - Shake It Off

In recent years , Many New Zealanders have embraced the new style of dancing called Zumba . It was created by a man named Alberto Perez who lives in columbia . He created this famous style by putting together different dance styles including 
cumbia , mambo , hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, tango, and merengue . 
               Tango                          Zumba                        Hip Hop
Hip Hop is more of a fast song . Most rap songs are classic . But some are still made to this day . 

Zumba is the energetic type dance that gets you hyped and pumped and energized . It also helps you to stay fit as well . 

Tango , Is a fast and a well I think its a fast romatic dance . With some type of music . I think its a spanish type of dance . They probably came up with it hence the name ' Tango '. Not being racist . Just thinking that it came from there . 

Summer Learning Journey : Week 4 : Activity 2 : ​Sporting​ ​Heroes

Image result for Lydia Ko

In 2015 , A kiwi named Lydia Ko , became the youngest woman in the world to reach the number #1 ranking . She was only 17 years old . Many people from New Zealand admire her and think of her as their modern day hero .  

Now . Who is my modern day hero? 
I'm gonna pick ... Lydia Ko . For her , It must have been a great experience to start golfing at a young age for golfing . Her skills at golfing are amazing . A lot of people admire her as her hero . I admire her for her skills and why she is a hero to other people . She was the youngest to claim a LPGA tour cup ! . She is quite young to be golfing . And I like that . She didn't wanna wait a couple just to join golf at the right age , She joined at a suitable age . The age of 17 . I think that this was probably her first dream . Maybe . She's on a roll this year . I hope she could win more . 
Image result for Lydia Ko

Summer Learning Journey : Week 4 : A Decade Of Sport

Over the past 17 years , New Zealand has experienced a number of sporting highlights perhaps not larger than the back to back victories at the Rugby world cup in 2011 & 2015 . The captain of the team was Richie McCaw . A retired champion . He was known for leading the all blacks well for a couple of years and then retired. He is one of the best All Blacks. Over the years , the jersey's they wore changed over time . 
Here is My Design : 
Front : Big T-shirt
Shorts : Bottom Right
Back : Top Right .
I forgot to add a name on the back. Sorry

Summer Learning Journey : Bonus Activity #12 : Rise Of The Selfie

Sorry bout the darkness. If you can't see it clearly , I've designed
4 cultural t-shirts . 
Although most of you are quite familiar with the selfie , ( picture of ourselves ). This wasn't always the case . In fact , it wasn't until the early 2000's that everyone started talking about the idea of a selfie , taking selfies and then posting them online . 
My selfie , Is a picture of me and what I like to do . My hobby is drawing . I've been at it for quite a while . Possibility of becoming an artist : 8% chance .

Summer Learning Journey : Week 4 : Activity​ ​2:​ ​Lord​ ​of​ ​the​ ​Rings

Image result for Lord Of The RingsOne of the most famous trilogies of all time , Lord Of The Rings was made in New Zealand . All three movies were directed by Peter Jackson . The first part was released in 2001 , Followed by another in 2002 , and the last part in 2003 . The movies cost an estimated 300 million to make !. 

Image result for Money

Now then . What would I do if I wouldn't need to make movies but I kept that 300,000,000 (300 Million) to myself? . Wow . To be honest , That's probably 10 mansions , 10 lamborghini's , and 10 of really expensive sports cars . But mind my family , I'd only get 3 mansions and two lamborghini's . Because once my ENTIRE family finds out , they're gonna beg for my money . I'd rather keep it in the family . The one I live with . But I'm not gonna be stupid and spend everything at once , I'd use it wisely and find out what we need that would really matter to us . Like a new house or a new car . Or cars . Yet . Again . I'm not a guy who likes to be greedy . I'll share some of the money with my family . Just as long as we keep most of it . Just give them about 100,000 each . Maybe 200,000 . 

Image result for lamborghini 2017
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Summer Learning Journey : Week​ ​Four:​ Day​ ​1:​ ​Turn​ ​of​ ​the​ ​Century​ ​( 2000 - 2010 )

Image result for PartyWelcome to Week Four, and the final five days of our journey! Over the past three weeks we have travelled across time and learned about what life was like in New Zealand in the 19th and 20th centuries. We have now reached the 21st Century and
are ready to learn about modern life in New Zealand. 

Activity #1 : Celebrating A

In the year 2000 , New Zealand celebrated when Russell Coutts and his sailing team won their second straight america's cup . This was the first time that a team from New Zealand won back to back championships! . 

What would my family do to celebrate?

For my family , It doesn't really stop at barbeques . We sometimes take the party to a relative's house and celebrate even longer at their place . Dance around and play around with everyone . But sometimes , It does stop and we end up inviting friends over just to have a feed and talk about the match . Either that or we go to a place . Something like that . 

Summer Learning Journey : Bonus​ ​Activity #11:​ ​You​ ​Have​ ​to​ ​Pay​ ​to​ ​Play

Image result for Polytechnics auckland

Image result for University of aucklandIn 1990 , for the first time in New Zealand's history , university and polytechnics started charging students for money to go to school . Prior to then , it was free to go to university or a polytechnic . Since 1990 , students had to pay thousands of dollars to attend post-secondary ( after school ) education . The new Labour Government have promised to give up to three years of free post-secondary education to New Zealand by 2020!. 
You know , I think this might be a good time for families so they don't have to pay university or polytechnics non-stop just to let their child go to post-secondary education lessons . But eventually, after that three years , It's back to paying for the lessons . I'm staying with the positives . I'd love those three years of not paying. Not because of me , Probably because my parents would love it . If I were in University or Polytechnics. 
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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey : Week 3 , Activity​ ​2:​ ​Leading​ ​New​ ​Zealand

Image result for Transport

Image result for School

In the 1990's , four individuals served as the prime minister of New Zealand . More like prime ministers though . Geoffrey Palmer , Mike Moore , Jim Bolger , And Jenny Shipley .
One thing I would do to make changes to transport is make it fairly cheaper . Meaning not to high or not too low . Just in the middle . High enough for people to afford the transport . 

Another thing I would do , Is probably change how transport goes and how it works . Not so sure about that part yet . Maybe I'll go a little deeper on that part . Soon though . SOON. 

The last thing I would do is well change some part of education as well . Maybe throw in some part about learning how to speak their language even if they don't know how to. It might be a great way to gain that culture back inside you so you can speak again in your native language and english at the same time .

Summer Learning Journey : Week 3 : Day​ ​5:​ ​Maintaining​ ​the​ ​Status​ ​Quo​ ​(The​ ​1990’s)

Image result for Tongariro

Activity #1 : In 1990 , One of the biggest national parks in New Zealand , Tongariro , was listed as a World Heritage Site . It is a spectacular place to visit . Thousands of people go every time and hike the Tongariro crossing . 
What would I need to Bring?
Well . Here's My List
- Food 
( No human can live without food . Probably For about 3 weeks then that's it . High chance of dying through those 3 weeks. Also gonna be so hungry I'm gonna call it the hunger games just to look for food )
- Water 
( 3 JUGS . ICE COLD.) 
- Energy Drinks Or Energy Bars 
( Also Ice Cold Too . You're hiking somewhere that's hot . You don't wanna drink a warm energy drink . Food doesn't really have an excuse for staying warm so you're fine with food. )
 - Hiking Sticks . 
( Not a hike with some hike sticks .Otherwise it's just a walk in a park . Get it?)
- Boots
 ( They're thick so that's good )
- Hat 
( The Only way you can get shade probably. )
- Singlet 
( In case it gets hot and you have to take off your T-shirt )
- Clothes 
(YES . JUST . YES .)
- Sleeping Bag 
(I Guess?)

Summer Learning Journey :Week 3 : Bonus​ ​Activity #10:​ ​The​ ​4​ ​O’Clock​ ​News

Image result for Te Karere

Image result for Jacinda Ardern
In 1982 , Te karere , a maori language news show made it's debut on television . It's continued to stream to this day . If you would like to watch it , Turn the TV on to TV ONE at 3:55.Each weekday you will see it . It is hosted by a man named Scotty Morrison . Who I think speaks maori for most of the news . 
If I had to interview someone , I would interview would probably our current prime minister as well . For those of you who don't know our current prime minister is Jacinda Ardern . I would love to interview her and it would be an honor interviewing our prime minister .  One thing I would ask her , Is what do you plan on doing to change New Zealand? . How would they Affect everyone ?  .Would the changes be small or big?

Summer Learning Journey : Week 3 : Activity 2 : The Big OE ( The Big Overseas Experience )

Image result for The Big OE

Image result for American flag

In the 1980's , It became increasingly common for students to graduate from high school and then take a year off to travel and experience the world . This year was often referred to the 
Big OE ' or the Big Overseas Experience . A Number of kiwis headed to different places like Australia & England to live and work before returning to their studies .

If I were a student in the 1980's and I got to choose the country I'd want to go to , I would probably go with America , But at the same time I wanna visit another country . I'll just say America . 
Why America ? Most of the shows I watch come from america so maybe I can get a ticket once in a while to go and watch WWE shows instead of watching it on the TV. So America is where I would want to go . For now.

Summer Learning Journey : Week 3 : Day 4 : Perms & Lycra

Image result for hairy maclary

Activity 1 : One of the most famous children's story to ever come out was Hairy Maclary From Donaldson's Dairy by Lynley Dodd . The book was originally published in 1983 . It's now sold in many countries . It features a small dog called Hairy .Dog term for Harry I guess.

I don't know whether I'm supposed to remake it but here it goes.

Out of the gate and off for a walk went Hairy Maclary  from Donaldson's dairy , A normal walk but then came Muffin Mclay . Looking like a bundle of hay , He saw another dog he was probably gonna say hey . That dog was Bottomley potts covered in more than 100 spots.(maybe not I'm just making this up). Then came schnitzel Von Krumm with a low as tum. Then came Hercules morse lookin' as big as a horse. Walking on the street , tails up . They were scared when Scarface claw showed up . With a yowl and a howl , a clashin' of claws and paws , The dogs ran , but Scarface probably caught up with them . Cause he say's he can. But they didn't care , cause they just ran.