Tuesday, 30 August 2016

WALT Identify Language Features in a Text - Authors Purpose .
This is one of my set tasks on how to an authors own post - ' The Embarrassment Expert . Enjoy Reading it!
I Hope you Like it.

Monday, 29 August 2016

My Favourite Game RAP. - LJ

 My Favourite game RAP
There’s challenges,There’s challenges they’re crying for food and  they’re just  looking at you,now the Zombies are coming through SMASH! GROWL! Looking for their food because They’ll know it’s you.When i’m shooting my bullets  go through the zombies like a ghost  getting revenge cause  that is my main post and when i saw a big Zombie a very ugly and thunderous monster my friend just stood
there cause he was ultimately  shocked.Then  i stand there and say “All it takes is one shot”.I also used my shotgun it was as fast as lightning when i look at zombies faces they weren’t really that frightening.Zombies really that delightful to kill but the dad just stood there cause he was very frightful.

Some Facts About Bikes - LJ

A bike runs on fat and also saves you money . A car runs on money and makes you fat.
Cycling can help you release feel good
Endorphins that can help counter stress and make you happy. Figures show cycling to work can help you lose 13 lbs ( 5.8 kilograms ) in the first year of cycling to work . It can also help you improve health and quality of life   , gets you outside , relieves you of stress and generally makes you feel good about life and it can give you at least one measure of creative thinking.

According to research people that cycle for 30 minutes  , 5 days a week would take half as many sick days as a COUCH POTATO! .
Probably 42 Brompton bikes or 20 standard sized cycles can be parked in the same space as one car meaning YOU! Employer can save on car park space cycling before work or at lunch time improved their time and workload management.

Commuting to work on a Bicycle does cost as ..... nothing as opposed to using your car or taking public transport .Using public transport in another country’s capital could cost about £1,144 for a zone 1 - 4 travel card for a year like Imagine the bike you can buy with that much money !

The IOC - 45 Failed tests in Beijing , London.

B.A.R.K - How To Stay Safe Around Dogs.

All Types Of Jewellery Around The World - LJ

Evaluating The Author's Purpose - LJ .

I am Learning to Evaluate on the poem The Embarrassment Expert.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Why It Is Okay To Be Different - LJ

It’s ok to be different

Introduce the topic by stating your opinion
I think it is okay to be different because you’d feel like you're talking to yourself because everyone's the same as you . So i agree that it is okay to be different

In my opinion it is okay to be different
Why is it so nice being yourself ?
Because there’s only one of you around here.

Reason 1:

My first reason is because it’s better to be you other than being someone else because if there was never one you ,everyone would be copying and be looking the same as you.

I think that because Such as doing , Looking , Talking and everything you can do  which would be boring to be the same. If you are yourself and everyone is themselves then you get to know other different people and see who they are by themselves . Because everyone can get to know you properly. For example, you’re playing a rugby game and it’s past both halves of the match and no one has scored a single  try , both teams already know what their planning and what you’re going to do to try and win but getting the score is going to be hard especially cause their all the same.

There would be no point in trying to get a score because you’re all the same in what you think and do in a bad way which would make it boring , making fans leave the game.


Reason 2

It wouldn’t be much fun to see new people trying to be friends with them because you already know who they are and they already know who you are .No greetings at all to each other ,No jokes or anything. They’d already know what's coming because they're just like you.It’s like you and the stranger are twins  sort of , . Even Gangsters are probably like you .Actually there would no point calling them “Gangsters” , because they are  “ You ” just living in the streets .And you wouldn’t like people being you , .

For Example . Say , people who are like you probably might start getting angry causing fights and people everywhere just start fighting for the same reason because one person stole the exact same cross necklace in gold and the person who stole it already has one until you tell them to stop . And they all listen because you are the actual you , no one else is you.You’re sort of like their King or Queen or something like that.

Reason 3 :
Winning the lotto , Getting a new car  and noticing a new type of person choose anyone of those the car or the lotto mostly  if you choose one everyone will get it  but noticing a new type of person is out of their league they don’t even know what or who it is. It would be so  weird to them  . That them is you hundreds of you . Say you are that new type of person and they don’t know who you are and what you can do .Or what your gonna do to escape them because you think that they’re gonna kill you but they don’t know who you are and you don’t know who they are.And you never even got to know each other.


I strongly believe that because everyone in the world must have a different personality to others because they were always you so much they never even thought about being themselves.


What do I think about this piece of persuasive writing? Of Course i like it , It tells on why people should be themselves and never to be others .

Wednesday, 24 August 2016