Thursday, 25 October 2018

Metal : 2nd Project Finished

With my first project finished In metal class , I moved onto the second project. Which was a cake server. With only 3 weeks left or so , I set to work on Monday  doing the best I can to finish early or at least on time in the first of those three weeks. I wasted no time trying to sand as fast as I can. I took advantage of those double periods on Thursdays and went to Mr. Naicker to see if I had improved or not and every time he would give me something good that I can use to make it better and better every time. So After days of focusing and sanding , I've finally completed it . Now I have something at home I can use to serve cake!. I think unfortunately , I have run out of time to do another project like another student in my class did and she got to take all " 3 " projects home.

My Finished Project.

Social Studies - Microchipping Cats

Me and my group were told by Ms Robertson to choose an article . We chose the article about micro chipping cats to try and get them under control a little . My opinion on that is they should microchip Younger kittens rather then trying to put it in an adult cat because they are more aware of whats happening to them. If they are doing it to them while they are young they are less aware of what is going on and wouldn't really know that they are being micro chipped unless it is painful. Which it shouldn't be. Because there are a lot of people who adore their precious pets and wouldn't want any harm to come them. But SPCA and more people believe that this should happen so that their cats would be able to meet their owners demands. So I believe that this is necessary. Because then you would be able to give them more simple commands. I don't really want to say " Control Them " Because at the same time , I would want cats to have their own free will and do what they want. At least up until the point where their owner chooses to make them obey. 
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