Thursday, 18 February 2016

Today Kia Manawanui went to tamaki college for Technology we were split into different groups so we can learn about the different subjects in Tamaki College.My group was in the 3d art class it was cool because we learn't about the 2  and 3 dimensions we got to draw many different letters using the 3-dimension Ms Ferguson actually surprised me at how cool her 3d block writing  was and we got to learn the different shades of drawing.Then a few minutes later we had to go back and line up because we were going back to school.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

All About Me.

LJ:Talofa Lava,My Name Is LJ i am 11 years old,and my favorite subjects are reading and maths.My Favorite Sport is softball.My Teacher is Ms Aireen and Ms Kelly.My favorite food is KFC and Chicken.I admire my Dad because he works almost half the day just to raise money. My sister and my brother work real hard almost half of the afternoon.I am the youngest in the family and I look foward to college and become a great student at college in 1 year.I will be the last person in the family to ever come to this school