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The Healer of the Pegasus's

The Healer of the Pegasus’s
One Day fourteen children were playing Other sports except John and Andrew.The nine Children were playing Volleyball,the other three were playing Rock Climbing and John and Andrew were playing with their Pegasus’s and their Names were Leo and Joshua. Andrew’s Pegasus just landed and they looked across the sea because the sea was silent and the whole campsite was  playing in  peace.

The black hole was not to be visited and John was having the time of his life flying a pegasus for the first time. So  he went above the black hole and so he kept on riding and he almost fell off his favourite pegasus Leo and they flew and flew and they stopped at the black hole and soon Leo and Joshua  get struck by lightning.Then  it reached  their  heart and and soon they start to spiral out of control and they turned evil.

Leo flew like lightning and when they were about to crash into the Hard Concrete John Jumped out of his pegasus and landed on him Jumping surviving the crash, and the only thing that could fix this was a Healer flare gun and he fell off from his right almost landing on undestructable Ground.
John hoped it worked and soon he started to wake up with blue eyes he was so happy that he got Leo  back  up.But then  Leo realized something and John realized as well Joshua was still out of control! and soon they flew up On top of the house and waited for the right time to shoot the Healer flare.......”BANG” the flare was shot and it flew as fast as it can following the Pegasus the Pegasus  down the esophagus and into the heart it went and crashed down onto the Ground and Andrew touched Him and he came back to normal and Leo Made up his mind,so he shot ten flares into the sky and they mashed up and flew from the sky and it made a mega morph an infernus  flare mashed together and flew into the black hole and found the Middle of the black hole and neutralized it and soon it spun and spun and spun until it exploded with John and Andrew covering their faces until it ended rebuilding everything that was ruined and so everything went back to normal Leo and Joshua decided to go to their home and take a rest and so did John and Andrew for rest of the day.

Girls Can play Baseball Too!