Friday, 31 March 2017

LJ And Vuni - Explanation: How to show Manaakitanga to our environment.

Introducing the S.E.E. structure
Statement - Use a starter sentence to state a cause - To be a great Tamaki student, you need to...
Explain - Define the cause - this means . . .
Evidence - explain the effect of the cause - if you do that then . . .

Make sure you USE YOUR PLAN to help guide your writing!
What is your explanation topic about?
How can we show Manaakitanga to our environment?
What are you going to explain? Write 2 facts about the topic.

  • 1 fact about the the importance of Manaakitanga.
  • 1 fact about the Tamaki environment.
We Show Manaakitanga to the environment by caring about the waters and the people . Tamaki  Includes , Glen Innes , Panmure and in G.I .There are Different cultures are around here that share the environment
Paragraph One
S - State your first key idea
E - Explain and elaborate on your key idea.
E - provide examples that relate to your key idea.
Pick Up Rubbish In your Streams , Lakes , Rivers and on land in your neighbourhood . For Example , People should start caring for the land as well .And to back it up , Start bringing people together for the clean up . The more people there is , the faster it can end
Paragraph Two
S - State your first key idea
E - Explain and elaborate on your key idea.
E - provide examples that relate to your key idea.
Help in the community and stop pollution . For Example , we should start looking for rubbish and start caring for the environment . To Back It up , Get more people to help so the waterways become healthier .
Paragraph Three
S - State your first key idea
E - Explain and elaborate on your key idea.
E - provide examples that relate to your key idea.
Create a poster that warns people about what is going on and get them to help . For Example , Create more than one poster , so everyone gets the message that we’re trying to send .To back it up , Warn people about what is happening around the world about pollution .
The conclusion sums up all the ideas and repeats a key message to end.  This could be a recommendation or a personal connection.
A Healthy Environment : Finally , if all goes well , we’ll be living in a healthy environment suitable for wildlife as well as us because of the people’s contribution to the cleanup .

LJ - Inquiry Model ( Re - created )

Yesterday , Ms Aireen gave us a task to do a new inquiry model for which would be chosen . This Was My Idea For The New Inquiry Model . So we had to get creative . She was so surprised that she said that it was gonna take a while to choose one because of our creative minds . This was just my Idea for the new inquiry model . 

LJ - Smart Learners 2017

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

LJ - Reuse And Attribute An Image

WALT : Reuse and Attribute An Image : Today I Didn't Use Regular Images . Instead I Went To Google Images , Clicked The Tools Bar and then Clicked The Option Labelled For Reuse .  Ones that we are able to use for free . Which probably have licenses or not .
If We were going to use the images , We had to give the owner credit because It was their image . We also had to list the license type And The Author .
What I found hard was looking for the  image I wanted . Because of the labelled for reuse option , it didn't give me the best options .

LJ - Digital Dig 2017

Read Through For Some New Shortcuts If You Like . These Will Prove Useful To You.
WALA : Keyboard Shortcuts.
What I found challenging was that , When the shortcut for the screenshot button came up , I didn't know what to write  . Until I came up with the Keyboard shortcut for the Mac Computers . What I REALLY found hard was when we had to read through the Kawa Of Care agreement to see how many times the word chromebook popped up . It popped up 33 Times .
The Digital Dig Is A Presentation full of keyboard shortcuts and tips that everyone can use if they have trouble with anything online .And also , It can help you learn a few things .

Friday, 24 March 2017

Polyfest Experience 2017 - LJ

Experience At Polyfest

During Our Whanaungatanga Experience Last Week ,  All the year 7/8’s were going to polyfest To bond with our Teachers and Friends At Polyfest
The Year 7/8’s Were excited for it . I was excited too because this was my first Polyfest , Not for me but some others it was their first time as well . But For me I found that little strange because I usually thought that polyfest was on the weekends . It was still on for saturday but we got to go on thursday as a school to see the performances . Not all of them , But some of them . The Full - Length Polyfest event was on Saturday where it is there that the schools perform .

On Thursday though , It was TPS ( Us ) , Point England , And some other schools . The only school I knew was Point England . Some school came in Mufti . Or they wear mufti to school every day . We got to go in for free .

So we got in our lines , And Then we head off together but we split when we got to where All the food stations were  . Some went to buy their food with their money but some just ate the food their parents gave them . After that ,  We went left while the other groups went with Ms Thompson  And Ms Aireen  .  My group went to the Maori Stage .The performances were  loud . It was more of the girls that were louder in their performance .

After ,We stood up and left the stage because we were aloud to spend a lot of time there . After , we went to A Niuean stage from the school Auckland Girls Grammar School , Or for Short AGGS . I thought I would see my sister there just because she said that she was part of the Niuean group . During the performance Ms Kyla was kind enough to buy us Ice blocks  . I liked the performance

We also spent a lot of time there before It was Lunch . We came back to where the other food stations were . Near the Samoan stage  . And Surprisingly Mai.FM was there Shooting a video for the TV . He let us into the camera so we can say loudly , “ Welcome to polyfest 2017 ! ” . We then went down to the other Food Stands near the Maori stage and Talked with our friends about what they saw and liked . Also to buy more food . At the end , we were given a bag full of things for us to take home . Like Sunglasses , Polyfest Tattoos , And Some Sunscreen .

We spent a little more time there , But we had to go back to school to take a rest in the hall and wait for the time to finish so we could go home . Some slept in the hall for a little , while others played rugby . When time was Up , We had to go home . To get ready for the sleepover .

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

My Keyboard Shortcut Poster - 2017

These are my keyboard shortcuts that are useful for you . I also wrote what happens when you do the shortcuts .  I also have extra's in the images I put up on my poster .
WALA : Keyboard Shortcuts

LJ - Saving Poorman's Stream - Summarising The Text .

Mitchell Chandler , Who was just biking past the stream that runs alongside his school and after seeing it had been polluted , He Decided to do something about that . There were dumped Chairs , Mostly chip packets , Glass and plastic bottles . His school has checked it every term for Water Clarity , Temperature , Flow Rate , And Acidity , By Using SHMAK -  Stream Health Monitoring And Assessment  Kit . Mitchell Also said that “ People are Lazy ! Instead of taking their rubbish home they  just throw it away ! ” . To get the schools to help he had to get the principal's permission to do this Clean - Up .
Being Granted permission he and students from other schools started helping with the cleanup . And within one hour , They managed to clean half the stream and get five bags full of rubbish . Surprisingly , There was a Shoe , A Backpack , An old paint bucket and The Top Of A Vacuum cleaner .
They even did it on The world environment day  But they never walked in with no protection . They had Protective gloves , gumboots , Collection bags and buckets for extra rubbish . He also said that “ We need to help save the environment and not harm animals or nature  . Were all part of the Ecosystem  and if we don’t protect it everything will collapse .”

Friday, 10 March 2017

LJ - What Is The Main Idea ? - 2017

WALT : Read The Text and record Keywords/Phrases that answers these questions.

LJ - Kiwi Can Reflection - 7th March 2017

WALT : Cooperate With Our Teammates.
Kiwi Can - 7th March , 2017 .

Today for Kiwi Can we had to get into 4 separate groups . We chose our groups , And as soon as I got into my group , looked around that then thought that the groups were even . I don't even think they were even . We then played a game called " 15 Seconds " . With our partner beside us we had to talk to them . My partner was Vuni . Vuni went first as He decided what he liked  - The topics were , Your favourite food , Your favourite thing to do on the weekend , Favourite Colour ,And something else that I had forgotten . Vuni's Choices were - Favourite food - KFC  , His Favourite Colour - Blue , His Favourite thing to do on the weekend - Play On Bike Or Laptop . And The other I had forgotten . But we played it for quite a while switching partners . My Last partner was Aumau . I forgot his too.

Few minutes after we played a decoding game , Where the teacher set up chairs and there were patterns to it  that we had to solve .There were two groups in different spaces . 2 groups in the same place had to play against each other . While the other two in their space did the same . My group was filled with just boys . There were no girls . In the other group , It was mostly filled with girls . With about 4 Boys in it . For every turn the groups took , We never knew if we were gonna get it right or wrong . So we started to watch our teammates moves on where they got it right or wrong . Getting it wrong was where we tried to stay away from . Every member of the group went for a go  , Even if they were gonna get it wrong or not . Some got it right in one go even . The rounds went on for quite a while and there was quite a bit of volume going on in the hall because the excitement of getting it right was what everyone had . But I thought we were winning , But the other team was . For me , I found it weird because I thought we were getting it right mostly .

It ended with the opposite team winning , and on the other side it was the other team on the right side that won the game . We finished with the same old chant because we barely came up with one yet . We ended with that and then we went back to class .

Friday, 3 March 2017

My Pollution Presentation - Effects and Definitions .

This is my presentation on types of pollution . Read and Enjoy !.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

LJ - My Concept Idea's For Jewellery ( Tech Reflection #4 )

Today In Technology At Tamaki College  with our Graphics Teacher Ms Ferguson we had to do our Concept Idea's yet again if anyone else never finished . I had chosen my four designs already . My Designs were .... A Kunai Dagger From the On -going series Naruto , A Yin / Yang sign as the part of why My partner Likes drawing , A wolf because ... He Is one major fan of that Idea and My Last Idea which I drew today was A random Anime drawing . I never cared of who I chose I just wanted It to be a boy .  We Finished that Yes , But then we had to do our Design Development . I Came to mind as I chose ...The Kunai Dagger from Naruto ! . YAAAAAY! . Afterwards I drew my Design after I was told to Section the paper Into 6 parts . I didn't rip It , I just Ruled 6 Parts on the paper . Drawing my Kunai Daggers shape , I looked back and forth between the board to see what I have to do next . A little bit of worrying hit my head  as I thought I was never gonna get it right . But saying " Who Cares , Ms Ferguson Isn't looking for how cool I draw It " In my mind I just got on with my Drawings . I Kept On going to the 3rd , 4th , 5th And - Wait I'm not sure I finished it . I Think I finished It .
But we had to pack up and head back to school . I wanted to finish my reflection early , but here I am finishing It at school . Read If You Want To . Bye.