Monday, 3 December 2018

P.E : What Is Social Responsibility?

What Is Social Responsibility?
I think that it is attitudes and values that support students to make responsible decisions about your behaviour and involvement in physical activities. It's not only doing these things in school but it also means doing these things outside of school . For example , Not swearing at others , Showing sportsmanship towards one another. 
I think I was a level 3 because I respected people and showed positive attitude towards other people.
I think I could improve by trying to become a level 5 person showing all other levels to others and to myself. Level 5 would mean I would become a rolemodel .
I don't have any other questions about this . I think I would enjoy all of it.

Friday, 23 November 2018

My Secret Mission : Experience & Results

A week ago , Ms wells gave me a random task she gave me a paper that had my " Mission " in it. The task at hand was to try and investigate that whether they can feel someone watching them . That person would be me. So my first attempt was Lyndon . This was done during maths with the help of Ms Wells as I didn't get it at first . But after doing it I had to gather data on what Lyndon felt. It was all about sense. Lyndon at first felt unsure . First we were looking at him and he got it right the first time. But in the second attempt he got it wrong. We looked away and he thought we were still looking at him. So he felt unsure whether he should say we were looking at him or not. But he ended up getting it wrong. 
So what did I get from this? I believe that the target will feel unsure cause he or she cannot see anything.

Friday, 16 November 2018

Sharing my Learning (Year 10 Science)

What have I learned in science? Around now , We've been learning about the 6 essential nutrients to the human body. The 6 essential nutrients are Carbohydrates , Protein , Fat , Water , Vitamins and Minerals. Yesterday , Me and Lyndon had to choose to work on a presentation to showcase what two of the 6 nutrients are. Vitamins and Minerals . One thing I've learned from that is they are both relatable to one another building up the human body but they do their jobs a little differently.  Vitamins also help form and maintain healthy bones , teeth , soft tissue , mucus membranes and skin.
" Vitamin B6 " is also responsible for forming red blood cells and maintain brain function. I explained earlier that the Vitamins and Minerals do their job a little differently , And this is why. Minerals too help your body grow , develop and stay healthy . The body itself uses different functions. From building bones to transmitting nerve impulses. Some are often used to make hormones and maintain a healthy heartbeat. Another thing I've learned is that your body needs certain minerals to build up strong bones and teeth and in return turn the food you eat into energy. With vitamins a healthy , balanced diet , should provide you with all the minerals your body needs.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Metal : 2nd Project Finished

With my first project finished In metal class , I moved onto the second project. Which was a cake server. With only 3 weeks left or so , I set to work on Monday  doing the best I can to finish early or at least on time in the first of those three weeks. I wasted no time trying to sand as fast as I can. I took advantage of those double periods on Thursdays and went to Mr. Naicker to see if I had improved or not and every time he would give me something good that I can use to make it better and better every time. So After days of focusing and sanding , I've finally completed it . Now I have something at home I can use to serve cake!. I think unfortunately , I have run out of time to do another project like another student in my class did and she got to take all " 3 " projects home.

My Finished Project.

Social Studies - Microchipping Cats

Me and my group were told by Ms Robertson to choose an article . We chose the article about micro chipping cats to try and get them under control a little . My opinion on that is they should microchip Younger kittens rather then trying to put it in an adult cat because they are more aware of whats happening to them. If they are doing it to them while they are young they are less aware of what is going on and wouldn't really know that they are being micro chipped unless it is painful. Which it shouldn't be. Because there are a lot of people who adore their precious pets and wouldn't want any harm to come them. But SPCA and more people believe that this should happen so that their cats would be able to meet their owners demands. So I believe that this is necessary. Because then you would be able to give them more simple commands. I don't really want to say " Control Them " Because at the same time , I would want cats to have their own free will and do what they want. At least up until the point where their owner chooses to make them obey. 
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Monday, 3 September 2018

Friday, 29 June 2018

Tokelau : Push And Pull

Pull Reasons (Positive)
There are more people moving from Tokelau
because they find better things over in New
Zealand . They are all being attracted by certain
things . Like better education , and better
technology .There are a lot more migrants
moving over from Tokelau to New Zealand .
For scholarships , the school doesn’t hand
it out , but they must earn it shown through
education and work . Another reason is ,
a better lifestyle .Parents in Tokelau
leave their origin country to  get better
living conditions for their family .
So their children grow up in a
better environment and have
proper education .

Push Reasons (Negative)
Unlike when people leave from Tokelau ,
for positive reasons , They leave
because there is something bad that
may threaten their future . Maybe even
families kids . They leave Like climate
change . Meaning the temperature
would raise the heat almost making
it unbearable to live with . Another
reason , is because there are storms that
threaten their country and nearly
ruin it so families leave in order to
find better weather conditions . The
most popular one when it comes to
Tokelauans is New Zealand.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Tokelau In 20 Years Time?

Tokelau in 20 years Time.

Tokelau in 20 years Time. What would that look like? One outcome is that they have reached high potential. Or they could plummet under rising sea levels. If that does happen, however maybe Tokelau would have been evacuated by their friendly country New Zealand. Or, maybe it could be the other way around and Tokelau would be one of the most famous countries yet becoming a world internet hub.  

Tokelau hasn't really been their own country so maybe in due time, that could change because they could become independent not having to be so reliant on New Zealand's resources again being a Solo country. Even better, If they were so advanced, they could develop technology if not better than anyone else's tech in the future. 

Or if not any of these outcomes, They haven't changed much at all. And they've chosen to remain this way. They might have chosen to stay with true to their traditions. Only making small changes. Like their seawall for example. Because at that time, The sea levels would have probably risen by then.  

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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Social Studies : More Info From Tokelau

What Have I Learned About Tokelau Today ?
Tokelau gains quite a lot of rain fall being 2,500 each year . Rain was also caught by hollowed out coconut palm trunks . Tokelau makes money from their EEZ  by selling their own licenses to allow people to fish in it's EEZ . 

Not only fish , But their Tuna is processed in American Samoa. They also import food , building materials and fuel which is mainly from New Zealand . The only people capable of passing the laws are the General Fono

Their " Ulu-O-Tokelau " is the Head Of Tokelau. Who is Afega Gaualofa. 

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Friday, 8 June 2018

Science Term 2 : What Have We Learned?

For the last few weeks and so , We have been learning abut several subjects . Cells and Microscopes . Microscopes came first but It was more or so about seeing cells . We used microscopes to see a lot more than just a tiny object . Me , Lyndon and Montel were the first to nail a hd view on really small words using the microscopes.

Learning about cells was what was going on inside our bodies . There was more than just eating , swallowing , and so on . Like the nuclear membrane . The barrier around the nucleus . The core of the cell . We learned several more things about the cells . And it was very surprising for us to learn. 

We also learned about living things , How they work and how they function. All of this coming near to the end of the term with a whole lot of exams ahead of me . Of us .

Another thing I learned , 
M - Movement            G - Growth
R - Respiration            R - Reproduction
S - Sensitivity              E - Excretion
                                     N - Nutrition

To be honest , The term went really fast.
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Thursday, 31 May 2018

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Climate Change

What is climate Change?
Climate change is the catch-all term for the shift in worldwide weather phenomena associated with an increase in global average temperatures. It's real and temperatures have been going up around the world for many decades.

The normal or reliable temperature records began in 1850 and our world is now about one degree Celsius hotter than it was in the period between 1850 and 1900 . This was commonly referred to as the "pre-industrial" average .

This change is even more visible over a short period of time compared to the average temperatures in in 1961 and 1990  . Last year was 0.68 degrees warmer , while 2016 was 0.8 degrees warmer . Thanks to an extra boost from the naturally occurring El Nino weather system. 
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Monday, 28 May 2018

JPA Performance Prep

For the last couple of weeks or so , The main instrument we have been practising is guitar . We didn't kick it off by learning the most complicated song in the world . I have been trying to practice some simple chords slowly improving heading onto a actual song . I'm still on practising basics though . I've been trying to learn some songs but my main goal is to try and nail Tennessee Whiskey  . I've been using my class time to try to nail simple chords . I'm only making slight improvements though

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

English - One Experience From My Lifetime

After Lunch Fitness - Last Year , Though lunch
breaks were the 20 minutes of fun outside doing
anything we wanted except anything that was bad .
Except start fights and all of that . But anyways ,
After lunch there was something to do before going
into class and just lie there pretending we were dying
after fitness . Either that or it was bragging about getting
there faster than anyone else . But fitness had it’s perks .
One day we would only last 30 seconds before lying on
the ground , the next , We would probably last 5 or 10
minutes doing planks (I only lasted 2 minutes). Every
day somebody would improve something . And we
would have to be proud of that because our teachers
believed that we could do anything . At one point ,
We would have to run around the school block , go
in through the Summerville entrance , and then run
all the way through the gates back to the top courts .
It was struggling . It really was . I tried to prove myself
resilient by trying to keep up with the faster boys that
would always get there before me . Every time I would
slightly improve even by the smallest bit . Even if no
one recognized it I would always because It’s Me
running . Or jogging .

At one point in time , It was just splitting into three
different groups doing our different exercises . One
of them was Wall or ground pushups and Shuttle Runs ,
One of them was Squats and Step ups , The last one was
…. Planks and Star Jumps . I nailed the Squats and the
Step Ups . Sometimes the girls were ashamed of doing
the Squats . I wasn’t . I considered the Squat* an exercise .
Either that or they were too lazy .

Now what does resilience mean to me exactly? Resilience…
To me , Resilience to me meant not backing down or at least
not trying to back down . It also meant going to my limits if I
wanted get something then I had to strive to get it . I wouldn’t
exactly die while doing it . But If that “ Something ” I wanted
was REALLY , REALLY , Precious to me , I would have to do
what it takes not letting anything stop me in the process . Whether
It was getting parent lectures saying that “ I Suck ” or “ You shouldn’t
be doing it anymore ” , I wouldn’t back down if It meant so much .

It is important to be resilient because Getting a bad comment ,
And letting it get to you wanting redemption as in punch them in
the face , You’d probably think this is what’s best for them . But
worry about only yourself not letting negative comments or thoughts
get to your mind . Even if they punch you in the face , Stand your
ground . Maybe a less violent option will do . Standing your ground
is relatable to resilience because you haven’t backed down from anything .
Whether it was a class test , Or a tournament.

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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Social Studies - Return To Tokelau

Returning to Tokelau ... It feels great to return home after years of study, I finally get to return home spending years over seas doing studies spending time away from family to further my own education . I'm sure my family understood . Well . They probably have anyways but had to be certain . Returning home feels great . But It does mean one thing . Loss of WiFi and Internet . I mean , the last bit of WiFi I got was on the plane . I'm gonna miss the WiFi. Unless they have WiFi over there then I'll be fine . But It also means that I have to do a lot of stuff . Cleaning , Cooking and Caring for the rest of the younger ones . But currently , Family is all that matters . I hope getting there will be really , really , fun . I feel that a lot of things are gonna happen there that may change my life . Keyword " May ". Depends on what I do .
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Monday, 21 May 2018

Science : Amoeba Questions

How does an Amoeba Grow? :
They are single-celled organisms
that grow and reproduce asexually,
Replicating through both binary
fission and sporulation.

How does an amoeba move ? :
Amoebas move their body by
changing body from liquid to
solid in the form of pseudopods.
When they want to move their
pseudopods become a liquid
form and then move it into the
direction of travel . After their
pseudopods get to where they
want to go , they harden into a
solid form and their body into a
liquid to let it catch up.

How does an Amoeba
reproduce? Amoebas reproduce
by a process called binary
fission . Meaning that it
splits itself into two Identical

Friday, 18 May 2018

Maths Revision

What have I learned In maths  so far ? For the start of Term 2 , We focused mostly on measurement learning the variations of measurement . One thing I found cool was that there was more than just kilometres , millimetres , and a whole bunch of other measuring things .
 Either way , I discovered KHDDCM . I just made that up on the spot but It meant King Henry Died Drinking Chocolate Milk . Not only that but each first letter stands for a specific metre . Kilo , Hecto , Deca , Deci , Centi , and Milli . Probably add metre to each one and you'll have some units of measurement . 

Then we moved into " Variables " . Variables , To be honest , Is using letters in maths . I think there are only some specific ones . X and Y are the most common ones to be used so use those a lot more I guess . Expressions was at the same time . 
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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Social Studies : Tokelau Character Paragraph : Puka

I chose this man because I think puka
is the type of person that won’t let past
traditions go because he is entirely focused
on not only helping others out , But keeping
the old traditions alive . He is extremely
skilled in Diving and is able to bring
a Impressive amount of fish from under
the sea back to his people to eat .

Despite change and adaptation ,
Puka wouldn’t relinquish the old
traditions trying to keep them alive
so that when it comes time for older
kids , He would be able to teach them
about the ways of old and how to
remain in his view or perspective ,
A “True Tokelauan” .

Often at some points , Puka
would gather other fisherman to
help pull in the fish a lot easier
and faster . Faster because
they use the tide to their
advantage as It pulls in
some good food for them
to eat.

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Social Studies : Tokelauan Character Research : Tolise


Tolise was a person who is a officer
in their police force but living on a
small Island , There was not really
much space for there to be a full
jail So they try to keep the criminals
out of Jail .

One way they do this is try to talk
them out of it . Probably talking
them out of it was their only option
the could actually afford to do .
Tolise is also a mother of her own
son . She also loves her country .
Though they face challenges , She
tries her best to do what she can
to help her home .

When it comes to the council’s decision ,
She does not object or defy ,She only says
“Thank You” and then moves on to continue
with thecouncil’s decision to help them with
whatever situation they have going on .Or
anything else for that matter .
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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Social Studies : Tokelau's Challenges

Tokelau's Challenges :
Tokelau’s population is probably one of the lowest
populations yet . Niue is just ahead by
probably 200 or more people . But In Tokelau’s
situation , They do the best to survive and sustain
themselves by doing the best they can to
provide food for their people.

They even resort to Palangi food (NZ food)
considering the fact that their only full stock they have
is probably a lot of fish . With some of their land
towered over by water , They cannot risk
the lives of the kids so they have to use a
boat to school .

Loss of population probably includes older
kids leaving with a scholarship to pursue their
learning in New Zealand or Australia . Some
older people eventually come back and reside
in Tokelau permanently to help their elders.

And in return , Their elders help them with their
kids if they have any . Really , They are doing their
best to survive . Tokelau’s main goal is to focus on
their next generation doing the best to ensure their
children's future so that when their parents
" Take their leave " (If you get what I mean) ,
The kids would know what to do as grown ups.

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Saturday, 5 May 2018

Saturday Reflection

Image result for infinity warA Couple of hours ago , Me and my sisters went to go watch Avengers : Infinity War . In my view , Infinity war Part 1 was one of the best MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) Movie yet . I said part one because part two is only one year from now . Anyways , Infinity war is a movie of where all the heroes come together to fight the mad titan Thanos . Who is the main person of the movie since it was his movie . Certain characters meet up in different places to try and thwart the plan of Thanos . His plan was to gain all infinity stones and end half the universe by snapping his fingers. Yes . By the smallest action , he can end half the universe. This movie ranks number one in my top movies . You can go in , Hyped as can be , and then come out with your eyes frozen still . Or come out crying a river down the escalators . That's how good it was . Though we would have been there early if it weren't for Sylvia park being full . But luckily we made it in time .  To be honest , I think this was a good movie . And while there are a lot more coming up the line , This was a huge success . Black panther was a huge hit too . Part two will live up to part one. No , Surpass it even . Part two , Is currently not set with a title because It is supposed to be a HUGE spoiler .

However , In the midst of all the despair , 
The after credits scene does give you hope for a new arrival...
Image result for Captain marvel logo
P.S , If you know whose logo this is , Feel free to comment below .

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Monday, 30 April 2018

Graphics : All About Me

In this post , I have just moved to a new class . Graphics . We finished food tech last term and we have been currently moved to graphics but , I've been in graphics before and it's been really fun to do . But this time , It's different . This post represents things that I like . 

Monday, 16 April 2018

Year 9 Camp Reflection

Highlights ? 
- Getting to talk to my classmates during our activities, 
- Getting out of my comfort zone to do things that I'm not use to , 
- Conquering my fear of heights and also watching other people do it . 
- Talking to different people I don't usually hang out with from different classes . Talking to them straight will strengthen your relationship with them .
- Bonding with new people , One example of that was playing handball with the other year 9's from different classes. 
- Getting dirty in the muddy activities (Confidence course) 
- Sleeping with my friends
It was pretty funny because we were telling jokes with each other . I think Lyndon was the only one asleep cause I never really heard him . 
- Me and my class winning the talent show .
- Chasing some people around at night was fun . 

Challenges at camp 
1. Archery 
Archery was a bit hard because I wasn't really getting the target zone sometimes . But I managed to get there when I re-positioned my bow .

2. Communication
Communication in my group for building a raft was kind of complicated because we weren't really talking to one another and one key attribute to building the raft was communication (sharing Ideas) . But eventually , We came to talk with one another . Each person having something to do .

3. Belief 
Believing in myself was kind of hard since I was a couple of feet in  the air on the log walk course . I knew I had help from people on the ground but I couldn't really stop a rush of fear from creeping in but I got there because I knew I could do it . I just had to take it nice and slow .

4. Trying new Things 
There are heaps of things at the year 9 camp I've never done before . Like the log walk , Getting out of the triangle without touching the triangle ,and a whole bunch of other tasks . But I got through them with some challenge in it . 

5. Support
One thing some of us needed was support . The biggest course people needed support in was the log walk . Because walking this high can amp up your fear a lot . But not letting it control you would get you to the other side . That and taking it nice and slow .

Any Improvements ? 
I think that it should have lasted a little bit longer . It was fun but I think it ended a little too soon .

Science : Plate Tectonics

2 Plate Tectonics                              Feb 2018

Powerpoint presentations:   2
Follow the link below, play the video(s) and try out the explore activity!

Task 1

These videos talk about plate tectonics  Video 2  Video 3  Video 4    6

Task 2:  What do the following terms mean?

a) tectonic plate-

b) convergent- Continent Continent-Collision,
Continent-Oceanic crust Collision, Ocean-Ocean Collision

c) divergent - Ridges are formed

d)        Transform - Plates slide past each other

d) subduction -  when the oceanic crust goes under another plate

e.  Large pieces of the Earth’s crust are called tectonic plates. Name:

1) the two tectonic plates New Zealand sits across. Include an image here.
Australian plate and pacific plate

2) two other major tectonic plates -
Eurasian Plate & North American Plate

3) a plate that has no continents on it - Not sure.

Task 3: Tectonic plates can move apart, come together or slide past each other.
Describe, using a named example and image, what happens when plates:

a) move apart -  ( Ridges are formed )

b) come together - ( Mountains are formed , Subduction , Trenches are formed )

c) slide past each other - Transform

Task 4:  Plate Tectonics Boundaries

  • Explore - Plates of the Earth

Plate Tectonics Jigsaw puzzle
Click on the image on this page near the top right and complete the activity.

Screenshot your completed map below.

Task 6:

Task 3. Crossword. Open it here and click on the link to view the crossword.
Copy the crossword and answer.