Tuesday, 30 May 2017

LJ - Kiwican Reflection

Lani,LJ,Rosemary & Moana - Food from Plants & Animals

LJ - That Sugar Film Reflection : Part 1

WALA :  The Different Types Of Sugar.

Today , After we watched the movie - That Sugar Film , we had to do a presentation related to it . We had to write on the slides that were related to the movie and It had to do with the different types of sugar and what the sugar effects are and how they could affect you . The first slide me and my buddies done was - What is refined sugar? 

As you can see me and my buddies wrote individual answers to this slide.

For the next slide me and my buddies did - What Was The Purpose Of Damon's Experiment?
I thought that he wanted to see what sugar has done to his body.

For the next slide me and my buddies had to answer - In Damon's experiment , how many teaspoons a day would he need to eat ?

The last slide we got to answer was - What are the different types of sugar?

Monday, 29 May 2017

LJ - Maths Reflection : Fractions

This week for maths , we were given a task based on fractions for this week. I didn’t get to finish much , but I did manage to finish some questions. The first question I finished was this - Share 5 Chocolates amongst two people . It took me a while to figure  out but I finally got it .
You give two chocolates to each person leaving one chocolate left . Half the last chocolate equally and then give them a slice each . So the answer is
2 and one half each . I didn’t know how to write it in fraction numbers like 1/4 or something like that . The next question I managed to solve .Today , I did Task C - Share 5 pizza slabs amongst 4 people . I knew how to solve this one . Give each person a whole each which leaves one more pizza slab left . Divide it equally into four slices , Then give one slice to each person . They have 1 whole and a half each so in fraction language - ( 1=1/2 ) . The next question was Task D . The question was Share 7 mince pies amongst two people . I solved this one too . So , You give two pies to each person , leaving three left . Give one pie to each person leaving one left . Half that one and give a half to each person. So they have 3 wholes and 1 half .
Photos :

I found some of the questions easy because they aren't that hard . Because I found that halving something that is part of the question makes it easier to answer for me . 

LJ - Freewriting : Kiwi-can Values : Honesty and Responsibility.

Today , I am writing something about two of the Kiwi can values . Responsibility and Honesty

Thursday, 25 May 2017

LJ - Saturday Reflection

In this reflection , I will be reflecting on what I have done on Saturday.

LJ - Technology Reflection : Cooking

Monday, 22 May 2017

LJ - Smart Footprint: Online Profiles

We often form ideas about people using the information shared about them online?

Smart Footprint Online Profiles.png

Use the information from their online profiles to describe your idea of their personality.

Think about their interests, characteristics, what is important to them, what do they care about, what is their nature?

Word Bank - Vocab you can use to describe
Tip: ctrl-shift-Y to search the Google doc dictionary for synonyms
Name: hyperlink to profile
Your impression of this person based on their online profile
Their personality, characteristics, values, qualities.
Joseph Parker.
  • A Caring Person
  • An Appreciating Person
  • Hard Working Person
  • A Strong Person In the Ring.
  • Tries his best not to lose a fight.
  • A Hard Person
  • A Prideful person
  • A Champion In The Ring.
  • His goal is to take New Zealand to the grand stage to show them what they can do . He is a very brave person because he would to take on anyone .
  • He likes to do it for his family.

Add to this list of things about you that could be included in your blog profile

  1. First name
  2. School
  3. Teacher
  4. Learning Goals
  5. Other Goals
  6. Culture

What things should not be included in your blog profile.  Add to this list.

  1. Last name
  2. Address
  3. Phone Number.

Friday, 19 May 2017

LJ & Helen - Food Pyramid - Food in my Culture

WALA : Our Cultural foods and What they mean in English .

Thursday, 18 May 2017

LJ - Beekeeper Interview Reflection T2W3

WALT : Reflect on our beekeeper visit from yesterday
Bee Fact : When A New Queen Is Born , She Runs Around And Kills Her Sisters Because There Can Only Be One During Mating Season.

LJ - Four Food Groups.

WALA : The four food groups and why we need them in our life and how it can affect us .

Monday, 15 May 2017

LJ - #7 Facts About Barbados

LJ - Kia Manawanui Fitness Session Reflection

LJ - Kiwisport Reflection : Basketball - Session 2

WALT : Pass the ball to another person , And How to play basketball . Games : Suicide Runs , And Miami Drills.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Friday, 5 May 2017

LJ - Reflecting On Yesterday's Maths

Yesterday on thursday , we went through maths and I found it hard along with my Group - Math Survivors . We spent quite a while trying to figure it out . We went with a couple of strategies doing with 3 , 6 or 9 . We read the sheet and it said - How many people can sit at the smallest table . But we never knew what answer we would go with . Because Surprise , Surprise , The amount of people that could fit in the ENTIRE restaurant , Were 24 . We tried many attempts but , when Miss Komor came to help us , It suddenly hit me ,

( Not literally )  that it was supposed to go in Four’s instead of Three’s , Sixes , Or Ninth's . I managed to get the right answer . Four were supposed to sit at the smallest table . Then at the middle sized table , 8 were supposed to sit there , And at the biggest table , Twelve were supposed to sit there  . A little back and forth happened because , they weren’t sure . I decided to explain it - 8+4+12 = 24 . Why ? - 8+4=12 +12 = 24 .

Tevita’s answer was a little different . So was everyone else’s . We finally went with 24 because after all , that was the answer . Gary’s Group and my group put up their hands because both of us got it too. And Monita’s group got it before my group did .
After all this time we got it right .

The Question  Was - The Pizza place has three tables . The biggest one seats three times as many people as the smallest one. The middle sized table seats twice as many people as the smallest one . On Tuesday Night , Three-quarters of the seats were taken . Then twelve more people arrived . Unfortunately there were only enough seats for half of them .

How many people can sit at the smallest table.? You Already know the answer’s 24 . Can you come up with any problem that reaches this number ?

LJ - Reflection About Today's Maths

Today For Maths , We answered some questions related to our time tables , and also had to crack some codes related to ANZAC . My First sheet was kind of easy . The Code too was easy for the first sheet . The second codes were kind of hard for me . I managed to finish the time tables sort of fast . The code got harder of course . And the time tables too . I actually had to figure it out instead of speeding it and getting it . I did that for the first two because I knew the answers to the questions on the sheet. I managed to finish all three all though the answers took a while . One thing I found fun , was that for the last code , It was the meaning of ANZAC

( Australia and New Zealand Army Corps ) - ANZAC .  If you didn’t know . It had taken a while because , I had to look at the numbers and then the letters under them over and over again . That’s what had taken me quite a while . I managed to get the work done . The codes were all based on ANZAC . The time tables , was an extra piece of work we had to finish.

LJ And Vuni - Toku Whare Tapa Wha . - Reflecting On My Current State Using The Whare Tapa Wha Model

WALT : Write about our current state of our Te Whare Tapa Wha ( The Four Walls )


LJ and Vuni - ANZAC Poem

LJ and Vuni - ANZAC Facts .

Monday, 1 May 2017

LJ - My Writing About The School Values

WALT : Write about the school values and Use the S.E.E Structure to define what they mean .


My Statement - Means peace , Or , Show peace to others and Everyone .

Explanation - When you show peace towards others , They’ll show the same thing to you . Peace can also be made through a Truce . If people that hate each other just want them and their people to live normally without any conflict between others .It can also mean Harmony . Because of the whole peace Value .

Example - Showing peace towards others can also be given right back to you . Like for example , Two people that hate each other just want to stop the conflict going on between them and others . Once they agree to something , They’ll leave each other alone and find peace .


Statement - It means showing kindness and respect to others .

Explanation - Showing kindness and respect to others can mean something big . Respecting Others  - . Respecting others can mean like , Their Privacy , Their Life , and Themselves for who they are . Kindness means , Like to appreciate others even if they are different .

Example - Showing kindness and respect towards others can probably turn into friendship . If that happens , You both appreciate each other for who you are . Respect can mean , No conflict between others .

Statement - It means , like teachers are the learners and the learners are the teachers .

Explanation - It means to Learn , Create and Share . To learn , read what you are about to write about . If it is easy to understand then create something that will be easy to explain . To Share , you must blog your work to the world for everyone to view .

Example - When you blog , You get comments .They can be positive or negative comments . Most of the negative ones might be stuff you need to work on .  Don’t take the comments seriously .  Just take them and think about what you could work on .


Statement - It means Demonstrating and encouraging positive relationships .

Explanation - Encouraging others can be great . Because if your encouraging a person , You can also give the person Confidence .Then they can go out there and present something . Encouraging positive relationships , Can mean keeping friends from Walking out on each other .

For Example - When someone needs to present something , Like a speech . Encourage them to do it . Because sometimes they don’t want to do it . If you give them courage , they’ll have the confidence to go up on the stage or present to the class


Statement - It means to Celebrate and appreciate differences .

Explanation - Tukumarie means Tolerance . It also means to appreciate others  differences  Even if they aren’t the same .  Tolerance also means to appreciate their opinions of things or behaviour .

Example - Celebrate their differences so they know you appreciate them and where they come .