Thursday, 22 February 2018

Athletics Tomorrow !!!

Hello everyone . It's been a while and I have already begun my new journey at Tamaki College . I'm using this blog from primary because I currently do not have my own TC blog. Anyways , Athletics is tomorrow . I know . It comes early for TC . Last year , I was a hard Tripoli fan but I have switched to Rata ( Red ) . Hopefully we come out on top tomorrow beating Kowhai , Puriri , and Totara in the process.  And maybe we can be the loudest when it comes to chanting.

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Friday, 19 January 2018

A Return Of One Of My Favourite Games!!!

Related imageHello everyone , I know it has been some time since I blogged but i'll go explain later in another blog post . But , with that out of the way , i'm here to blog about a favorite game of mine  which has recently returned with a full version update . That game is Subnautica . Subnautica , is an underwater game which takes you to different places as you unravel mysteries about your past . The main thing you have to do is survive an alien planet until you can find your way back home .You can create some items in the game to speed up your progress in the game .In the game , you will come across some dangerous sea creatures.
But , It's a fun game and I have seen many  gamers play it. They've made some improvements that are great for everyone to see . it's not an internet game so you have to download it using the computer app , Steam.
I'll play the game . Soon...
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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Blog Commenting : Mafi , Glen Innes School

Today's Blog Comment goes to Mafi , From Glen Innes School . Here I am , Making another blog comment and sending it to someone outside of my school who is part of another school and is participating in the Summer Learning Journey . I've finished my journey , But I continue to visit the work of others who have not finished .
My Comment :
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Blog Commenting : Mya , Glen Innes School

This person comes from Glen Innes School and is a participant in the Summer Learning Journey . Most of the people I would probably be commenting on are Summer Learning Journey Participants . 
Her Name is Mya . She is doing very well and I hope she and everyone else get to finish their journey . 
Anyways , Here is my Comment :
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I wish her well along with everyone else . I've said that many times too . 

Blog Commenting : Fau , Panmure Bridge School

This kid comes from Panmure Bridge School . He is a participant in the  Summer Learning Journey and is doing great . I wish him well in the journey . 
My Comment :
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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Blog Commenting : Heneliena , St Patricks School .

This girl comes from St Patrick's School . A school I haven't really commented on in my last few blog posts so here's a first . Her name is Heneliena . She is a participant in the Summer Learning Journey . She is doing very well .

Actual Comment. I had to make an edit and through that edit , I
accidentally posted it 4 times . Man that kind of felt embarrassing though . Just for one edit . The Letter I . 
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Blog Commenting : Cerenity , Tamaki Primary School .

Image result for Blog CommentingThis girl comes from a great school . A school I went to . Her name is Cerenity and she is  a Year 7 moving on to year 8 this year. Just hope she does well this year . Anyways , She is a participant in the Summer Learning Journey . I've finished my journey but I think she is still going . She's doing really well with her blogging . 
My Comment : 
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