Thursday, 13 April 2017

Graphics Term 1 Final Reflection - LJ

Today at technology we learn't how to make perfect circles . With a new pencil tool called a " Pair Of Compasses " .  We first used the Pair Of Compasses , to practice drawing a circle a couple of times . Before we had to do the big one . Which was gonna be pretty hard by looking at the steps of the document " Flower Power " . After , we drew our practice circles , we had to do the big one . Like I said , It was not going to be easy , But we gave It a shot anyways . I was doing my flower with a friend but we did our own and we liked different colours . I used - 2 Greens , 2 Blues , 1 Black , 1 Red and Purple . Vuni , Just went with two simple colours . Blue and Green . It took us a while to make the circles of course . We took long , But In time we managed to finish It . So we had to take a photo and show it to you all . We glued it on a sheet with a whole lot of flowers , stars or cubes . Most of us finished but some still had a little to do . I finished just in time .  

( Sorry If The Picture's Too Dark ) 

Flower Power

1. Draw a circle with a compass and draw the
centre line through it with a ruler.

2. Where the first circle crossed the centre
line gives the centre points for the next
two circles.
Draw these circles in with a compass.

3. Where these 3 circles cross will give you
four points. These are the centre points
for your next circles.

4. Your 7 circles should now look like this.

You are a STAR!!!

1. Start with the same 7 circles
as the flower.

2. Everywhere the circles cross
each other, join with straight

You can now colour you star however you like....


Extra Work

The Mysterious Cubes....

See if you can work out how to draw the 3 mysterious cubes by using the same 7 circles as the flower and star.

(Clue..... start with a star)

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

LJ And Vuni - What is Climate Change?

This Is me and my buddy's presentation about climate change that was for our Te Tuhi trip last Friday .
Read through It and enjoy it .

LJ And Vuni Reflection : Te Oro

LJ ,Tevita And Timeus -Sea Horses - Evaluating On A Article .( Updated )

This Is my updated presentation On the article - Save Our Sea Horses
Presented By Me ( LJ ) , Tevita , And Timeuus

Friday, 7 April 2017

LJ - Te Tuhi Reflection .

How Can Climate Change Affect Or Change Glaciers ?

This presentation was by my friends : Faith , Tevita , Timeus , Akih , and Siosifa .
We wrote about how this would affect glaciers .

Screencastify Steps - By Vuni and LJ