Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Showing Manaakitanga to our Library.

How can we show manaakitanga to our library?
How can we share this with others?

4 Examples of a Pay-It-Forwar

Examples of Pay it forward.

1:when someone drops their money you can turn it in and they might find it and when it happens to you you’ll get it back.

2: if you lose something valuable somebody  can turn it in.

3: If do a good deed you get it back.

4:if someone drops money you  can turn it in and if you drop money someone will turn your money in.


What the Values mean.

Today I Did a google drawing  about what the school values mean.Such as Whanaungatanga,Tukumarie,Rangimarie,Manaakitanga and Ako. The first value means building relationships,The second value means Tolerance,Rangimarie means Peace, Manaakitanga means caring for others and last but not least Ako.Ako means learning about new things.Thank you for reading my description.

Friday, 4 March 2016