Friday, 27 June 2014

My Time Machine With Me LJ, and Sifa

What is it made out of?
If i had to make a Time Machine it would be made out of every kind of steel and sword steel. And it would have a Remote that  says Past, Future,Present or the end of school and after a disaster.

how would it work?
It would work  by having a remote  that says Past or Future  so i’d click past to see myself and my sisters and brothers and my mum and dad  when they were In Samoa and  them going  to New Zealand.

What  would it work on?
It would run on my scanning hand  which would be my right hand.

Would you go to the future or past?
I would go to the past to see myself born
And I would hold myself.

What would you see there?
The old memories of myself and my family and my cousins.
Where would it be at.
New Zealand where I was born at.

How would you go back to Right now?
I would press  the Now button or the end of school button.

What would the  dangers be?
The dangers would be  happening In a disaster like a volcanic eruption or any disaster.

What would The solution be?
The solution is going back to the end of school without no problems.AT ALL.

What would the colour of the portal be?

Gold .


The Story.

On Sunday  I Asked Sifa  to come to my house to work on the time machine.he  came Over and We went down to the Basement Next to the house in the backyard. It  was an old storeroom but there was a button that turns it into a new basement which is a lab that makes time machines and other stuff . I told  Sifa First we had many time machines built by my dad before he went to his homeland  Samoa. Now  I am  grown up making a time machine, A new time machine   Now   I made the best  Time  Machine and I made a remote that  takes you to the   PFPEOC  Past, future, Present ,  and the end of school  . Sifa said”really” I said “yep”  , I said again  Sifa come  here    this  is  my  new and bestest out of  any of my dad’s Time Machine   he’s ever  made,  and I hope he’d be happy now of what  I have made  right now.  I said”  Hey wanna look at the Time Machine . Sifa  ”Okay” so I clicked  the button Future  we Explored the World of the Future  and then    we heard this sound   and the ground was rumbling  and  It was a Volcanic eruption  and we had no way out  and the lava was coming closer and closer and  I forced  the present button on  the remote  and finally it turned on and we jumped into the  portal and  we  got sent back to the  Lab and It actually worked.After that happened  We went back to our houses and go  to sleep.

Monday, 9 June 2014

LJ and Sifa's Vocabulary challenge

This is our Vocabulary challenge made by Sifa and LJ.we found some words on our book and find out the meaning of the Vocabulary challenge.
The story was : Time for a spell.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Sifa and LJ's paired research project

This research project was made by Sifa and LJ

Telephone:research project