Monday, 30 October 2017

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Getting An Injection

This morning , I was told by someone that we were going to get an injection . I wasn't sure about this because we never received any warning about it because we usually got something telling us about the injection but surprise , we were actually getting one . To me , There was nothing to enjoy there but the pain of the needle which doesn't really hurt anymore because Im use to having my injection on both of my arms . We had to line up first before going inside to get our injections . I went second because some people didn't wanna go because of the needle from the injection . I didn't really care because I was use to having injections hurting me . I went after alone so I had some time to spare when waiting 20 minutes . I got my injection on my left arm and after that , I had to wait 20 minutes along with everyone else . My 20 minutes lasted until 9:13. Some people went at a different time because I went before them. 

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Writing Blog Post

This week for writing , We have been learning about explanation texts and what they mean and what they are used for . To me , The purpose of an explanation text is to explain why we do things or how things work so people can learn more about what they seek because It may seem interesting to know why it happens or how it works . My explanation text is based on a place full of whanaungatanga . To me , A Place full of whanaungatanga means that everyone can co-operate with one another and don't need an argument . The definition of whanaungatanga is caring for others and that means to look after people when they are sad or lonely . 

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Cybersmarts : Netiquette Infographic

For cybersmarts , Last week we started learning about an Netiquette and an Infographic . In this session we did not have Ms Shearing with us today but even so , We continued with our new infographic today and I managed to finish mine  In our infographic we had to write down what we do , and what we don't do online . 

Friday, 20 October 2017

Careers Reflection

Today in careers , We had another task to do that had to do with skills and qualities for a job or for a person . We were given our worksheet and the task was to figure out who wanted to do what job . We had to write their name and a reason on why we chose them . But the reason had to be something about how their qualities and skills could relate to the job we put their name under . One of my options was Lou . He decided that he wanted to be a surfboard maker and his reason was because he was good at designing . I put myself down in Computer Programming because I like using technology a lot and I want to try and put that to use . After that we were told what careers really meant so we could get the proper definition of it . We also found out some qualities that Ms Aireen and Metui had . After that , we were given two minutes to finish off our list of people . After that two minutes finished , we ended the session with an inspirational song . The Song Was R-Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly