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How Dragon's Breath fire

How Dragons Breath Fire

A long, long time ago there was a dragon named Steven. Steven was a very lonely dragon because he had no friends and he was the last of his kind  .

One day Steven became so bored that he spread his wings, sprung out of his cave and flew across the village. People in the village were afraid of him, so when he flew over and sat on the roofs of their houses they started to throw rocks at him. Every stone hit him and he ran away back to his cave. They chased him and by accident he led them to his cave. Once they were inside they shot fire arrows at him. All shots missed and hit his cave instead. Steven got so mad that he roared. At the same time the village leader threw a torch in his mouth and it got stuck in his throat. Next time he roared fire came out of his mouth. He roared again. The flame went near them and they ran away afraid that it was gonna blow again.

At sun down Steven saw the village was dark so he roared and his flame gave light to the villagers. The villages were grateful to Steven and  became friends with him.

That’s how dragons breath fire.

By LJ & Ricky

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