Tuesday, 28 February 2017

LJ - Badminton ( Kiwisport Reflection ) 2017

What I Know About Pollution ? - LJ

Multi - Structural
What We Know About Pollution?

1 - Dead Zones And Pollution - Pollution is something that the world already knows . Yes , It damages the natural environment that we live in . But this does not affect just the people living . Sea creatures die because Oil Is Being Put into the water  , Possibly .There is something called a “ Deadzone ” . This means
that there are low oxygen levels in large and small lakes . Causing the creatures to retreat to a more shallow place very deep just to get away from the pollution .

2 - Air Pollution is when the smoke from factories come out and introduce harmful (Bad) substances into the world . It may cause allergies , Diseases or even worse , DEATH. And may cause harm to the animals roaming their land and also the food crops that are being made can die as well .

Water Pollution - It is when people , just out of nowhere decide to dump their rubbish in the ocean . This will probably anger the sea creatures but every creature feels it . By the time a load of rubbish is in the water , It has started . Probably all the fish will retreat into the shallow waters and hide until the pollution is clear . Meaning no more fun times in the sea or scuba divings .

Land Pollution - Is the destruction of the land surfaces Directly or Indirectly as a result of Man’s activities and the wrong use of the Land Resources .The Exploitation of minerals  has also helped with the destruction of the surface land .

Friday, 24 February 2017

LJ - What Is Air Pollution ?

WALA Different Kinds Of Pollution .
This Is Based On The Activity - Pollution .

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Jewellery Product Research - LJ

Reflection : Today On lesson 3 of my graphics group we did  some jewellery research using The SOLO Taxonomy slides . We were first told to define what type of jewellery it is . It was obviously a watch from the looks of it . You wear it on your wrist to keep track of time or switch the time to another time because It might be a slow day . Like daylight savings . The last question I found tricky because I never knew what was on the watch . All I knew was the hands , the control , and the numbers . Then Ms Ferguson gave me a boost by telling me  this - There's also a strap , The face , And the Bezel . The Bezel is that circle ring around the face of the clock  as I was told . We also did our concept Idea's . With me , I was  already sparking with Idea's on what to do for Ricky .
A Hidden Leaf Kunai Dagger from The Super long series Naruto , A Yin And Yang sign to signify that he likes to draw . And a wolf because .... Boy was he a huge fan of wolves . He told me that he was a wolf before . I never got to finish my concept Idea's but I only had one left to do . I was gonna finish this next week anyways .
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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Jewellery Design - Design Brief 2017.

Design Brief
What My Client Likes .

Types Of Jewellery .

Technology Reflec
What Did I Do ?
Today I did My Design brief . I first had to list My 5 Selections of who I would make a Jewellery for . My 5 Selections Were My Mum , My Good Friend Sifa , My Goofy- friend Ricky , My Teacher Ms Komor , And My Sensible Friend Vuni . I liked them all but I had to stick with one . So I decided to play a game in my head in who would get to be selected . Then * Ping *  I decided . My Final decision was Ricky . Out of everyone else , I knew him mostly . I knew everything about him . Well not everything just things that he likes himself . I wrote It in writing but just In case my readers never got a clear image , I decided to put images on a separate slide to see what I'm talking about.I Also done a jewellery research as displayed on my blog post , And had to select what kind of jewellery I would do for him .I could never choose.

What Did I learn ?
I learned that my partner likes a certain selection of things . And I also learned that there are many types of jewellery , Not just Ear rings , Bracelets or a necklace, But like a Heavy Kadas or something other than that . Or a Chatelaine . And a belt buckle . 
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Monday, 13 February 2017

Cybersmarts 2017 - My Personal Profile - LJ .

Personal ProfileDecide whether each item of information below is personal information that you would share online or keep private. Cut and paste to organise items under column A or B
A.Personal Information that you would share online
B.Personal Information that you should keep private
How many brothers and sisters you have
Favourite band, sports team, food
The name of your pet
Brothers and sisters names
Your first name
Favourite subjects at school
My learning goals
My strengths - what I am good at
Someone I admire

Full name (first and last)
Home address
Email address
Home Phone number, mobile number
Date of birth
Parents names

This Is what I have selected to share and what not to share . I would not want to share my personal information I keep private because - I don't want a random person knocking at my door , I Don't want random calls , And I don't want my gmail to get hacked .This time for cybersmarts , We are doing What we would want to share to the world and what we would keep to Ourselves . We have done this before but we decided to do it anyways just so everyone knew what cybersmarts was .

WALA : Things That we can keep personal and things we can share with the world . : ) Bye.

Heat Wave Hits Australia - LJ

KiwiSport Reflection 2017 - LJ

The Human Knot Explained - LJ

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Technology Graphics. 2017.

In Technology this year we started all over again for 2017 and we had our group ( Graphics And 3d ) . Our teacher was Ms Ferguson  . As a teacher She Obviously Hated Noise , But the table I was on made the noise and for some reason some barely felt the need to stop but we did anyways . We First learned about " Dimensions " This stands for the  " D " In 3D or 2D .One is flat and the other is full of thickness. Then we Learned about  ellipses ( It's when you have a shape that when tilted , makes a different shape altogether ) But also it's like a rectangle with a cross but you have to try and draw an oval inside. When we were also doing ellipses Ms Ferguson told us to try and make a cylinder  . You draw two Ellipses , aligned and spaced from under each other . There would be a space left in the middle . Then after you have to extend the bottom line to the bottom and then draw a bottle shape . Once you had finished that You had to draw a bottle shape around the cylinder and then once finished , rub out the inside details and draw a logo I named my bottle Red X .

What I liked about the session is that we Had made a template showcasing our work . We also had been told about Oblique ( Obleek ) if it was too hard to understand . Oblique is when you combine the corners of two shapes and if you pictured the shape in your head , all you needed was to combine the two together to make a 3D shape . Squares were easy but the circles as Ms Ferguson claimed , was hard but because I was experienced with drawing , it was real easy combining any shape . Think of any . I can do it .

Nothing really was hard about it because we started off with paper before using our netbooks . It's gonna take a while before we actually do use our netbooks . Except the challenge where we tried to make a technology reflection but because we were restricted access , It was actually a challenge for Ms Ferguson herself because she tried to give us a reflection but we were left to use blogger as a last resort to do our reflection .

I Don't really know what I am hoping to learn because As a year 8 , I've done this before Like the Cooking class and Hard Materials class . Both I had completed . Now this year I'm hoping that the year 7's are hoping to learn something from this .
Image result for oblique shape

An Example Of An Ellipse And The Oblique.