Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Coming Up : Movie Trip : WONDER

On friday , I think TPS is going to see the movie wonder . For those of you who don't know what Wonder is , Wonder is the story of a young boy with Treacher Collins syndrome . Treacher Collins is the syndrome where children are born without a normal face much like the young boy the story is based on . We're ready for the movie because we've been reading the book for a while before the big day comes where we go to watch the movie which is this week friday . We already know what happens so we get to see the scene's finally happen in a movie based on the book Wonder. Reading Wonder the book , Was a way to prepare us for the actual movie . We've read it for a while so we should all know what happens . I might recognise some quotes that were in the book .


Tomorrow , the Kia Manawanui syndicate after technology  is going to have a picnic at the point england reserve . We get to wear mufti but only at the picnic .Apparently alot of money was raised at the sausage sizzle that happened last week on friday though I wasn't here . This session of technology is going to be the last session for the year I think , so I better get moving quickly If I wanna finish mine and fast.I think it is going to be a great picnic . Hopefully we get to play some sports at the picnic . I think this will be a great picnic for everyone because they get to enjoy themselves at the point england reserve. 

Coming Up : Prizegiving

Next Week , Tamaki Primary is going to have a prizegiving to give out awards to those who worked hard throughout the year . This years prizegiving is going to be a little different . Because It is a whole school prizegiving . It is different because it was just the year 8's that got prizes last year but this year , the whole school is included to get prizes . So I guess not much of the year 8's are getting awards due to everyone else getting an award. But I know that some of my friends are getting awards .  

Mauri : Symbols That Represent Me

Today , We came together with Room 10 for another mauri lesson. But for this time , It was sort of like a drawing lesson because we were doing art today . The art had to represent who we were and what represents our mauri . We had to do signs and symbols for this art part . For my signs and symbols , I had an Idea to draw the samoan flag . The samoan flag to me represented where me and my family had come from .After ,when I saw someone do the polynesian turtle , I decided to draw it as well . The turtle symbol to me represents wellness , union , family and harmony .  That took some time because of the symbols it had inside the turtle . For my next symbol was church symbol . The church symbol represents where I go to learn about god . The third symbol for me was family because without them I wouldn't be here today .  My fourth symbol was a Tamaki Primary School logo but I wrote it my own way . It started from T then it went down to s . I wrote Tamaki Primary School in a different way . Afterwards , Everyone had to present their paper and describe why they chose those symbols and I explained after Mahara I think . We're going to be doing something else related to art which I think was painting on wood.

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Zoo Trip Tommorow !

Tomorrow , Tamaki primary goes to the Auckland Zoo . Not to look at the animals but to learn about them . Our teacher at the Zoo , Is going to be an old teacher me and some other people knew a while back . The teacher was Ms Kirsty . Some teachers that are still here remember her . As Ms Kirsty was a close friend to some of them as she was to me . Ms Kirsty was a great teacher and It would be great to see her again . I'd probably just run up and hug her because it's been a while since I last saw her . Seeing her again would be great for me and some other people .

Kiwisport Reflection : Run , Jump and Throw

IALT : Throw A Shotput 
WALT : Reflect on what we have done at kiwisport 

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Congratulations Benghazi !

Though Friday didn't go as I expected , with me being gone to my older cousin's wedding , I really hoped Tripoli would win the shield since tobruk has won it 2 years in a row . Alamein hasn't won much either . But they held themselves up along with benghazi who to me , actually surprised me with their victory in over about....3 , 4 , 5 Years maybe? . I found out about this by checking aletheia's blog  . To me , Benghazi's win was actually something that surprised me even though I wasn't there . After a long time , Benghazi finally has their name written on the athletics  shield as this year's winners for athletics . Congratulations Benghazi! .

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Athletics Tomorrow

Today , We had a  practice run for athletics tomorrow . After days of practicing , and days of chanting , It's all going to come out between the four house groups Tripoli , Alamein , Tobruk and Benghazi . It's going to be a loud day and I mean really loud . We've spent this week preparing for decorations , and what the day is going to be like . Everyone knows what they're wearing , what their going to do . Overall , Tommorow is gonna be a thrilling day with all the chants , sports and running races going on tomorrow. 

Team Blue ( Tripoli )

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Tamaki College Year 8 Day : Final Period : Period 6

For the last period , we were treated to some P.E by tamaki college's Physical education teacher . We had to walk there because the P.E centre was somewhere else . But it was still inside the school . We met our P.E teacher . I forgot his name though . Anyways , The game we played was apparently Samoan Softball . Just like softball but there's one thing . You don't use a bat because you use your hand to hit the ball but luckily , It wasn't an actual softball it was just rubber ball so it didn't hurt hitting it . We sat on the bench so some people could be given bibs . I was one of the people given bibs . Meanwhile , there was alot of people on the non-bib team . Either way , me and my team went their hardest to beat the non-bib team and it was a great game for everyone I bet . Though I wish EVERYONE had contributed . My team had a pretty good record for a small amount of people . Say about.... 6 or 7 people ?  maybe 8? even with help from one of the tamaki college students. Either way , we still won the game even though Vuni's team had more players , we beat them in both running and tagging people . The final score was 15 - 12
My Team Beat them by 15 .

Tamaki College Year 8 Day : Period 4 & 5

After Period 2 and 3 , Came our 4th period which was lunch time . In that time , We got to have subway for lunch time which for me , was a first because I've never had subway before . Until now . Even though it had vegetables I didn't really care unless it had meat so I ate it anyways with the vegetables . For lunch time , We either got to play basketball or rugby .Or stay inside . I stayed outside for a little with Vuni but then we both went outside to enjoy ourselves with the others by playing master which was a basketball game . We enjoyed ourselves for some time until lunch time ended and it was time for us to move onto our next period which was period 5 . For period 5 it was a subject we would probably learn about in college next year which was english . It wasn't a whole " write us a 5 page essay " thing it was just something to get us ready for what it was going to be like next year . But yet again , It was something that was sort of easy . We had to memorise words and write down as much was we remembered . I managed to remember all of them and finish along with 3 other people . Maybe 4 . The next task for these words , was to write down the visual meaning . Writing down what we think it means .It was because we had to prepare ourselves for a story we had to describe the words . At the End Kenneth had the better images to describe his story.

Tamaki College Year 8 Day Reflection : Period 2 & 3

Last Thursday , After Period 1 which was maths , We moved into the next classroom which was science . There was 6 periods so we were going to spend the whole day there and walk home from there . I forgot the teacher's name but he taught some things that we didn't know about science and how science was fun not so serious . He taught us what Safety In Science meant and how it goes around in Tamaki College . We were introduced to our teacher and his helper . While he was doing that , A short science experiment was made . One where something overflows and shoots out of its container but it didn't go all over the place because there wasn't much acid added into the container for it to be spraying all over the place . It only spilled a little over the container which was a giant test tube . We all started laughing because of that and then moved onto what we were going to be talking about . How science works . Our teacher described science as fun rather than being so serious . Before that , He gave us a small circle full of something that was like acid and we put in another type of acid that would help make something happen . In an amount of time that was . During that he brang up 2 nerf guns and explained how science works inside the two nerf guns  . I never really thought a nerf gun would have any science at all . Earlier , He brang up something that was like nerf gun but It shot air instead of foam bullets . It had a slingshot trigger to shoot the air . For one experiment , The teacher turned something on and we had to walk around the table . When we were doing that , The face that our teacher turned on was following us wherever we went around the table , It would follow us . Though that wasn't the key thing though . The key thing was that it was facing in and that it was an optical illusion . Period 3 was making slime in the science room .

Reading Test Reflection

This morning , After the day started , We were planning to do a Te Tuhi reflection but I was fine since I had already finished mine last night when I was blogging . But that was sort of interrupted when we had to do another reading test and I think it was because we moved up a level . My paper was about Bay Rescue . The story was about a young girl named Melanie  who finds a broken plant in her gutter and decides to bring it to life . Her family and some others didn't know what the plant was even the gardening centre didn't know what it was until the mother learns that it is a bay plant, Her daughter researches the bay plant and is shocked that it grows 10 metres tall . She soon realised caring for that plant was a mistake. I had to read through the questions carefully so I understood what it meant and why . The story was an interesting one because one girl took care of a plant nobody else really cared about . 
( An Actual Bay Plant )

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Last Te Tuhi Session

Today , For te tuhi , It was our last visit with our Te Tuhi teacher , Salome . I wasn't here for the first session but I caught up with the other two sessions so I knew what we were doing . But for this session , We did something a little different . We did , Roleplay for this session . For me , I thought we were just carrying on with tracing images onto paper with carbon paper but it was an unusual subject for me and some other people . We were put into groups on monday before today and In my group were Helen , Leilani and Vuni . For our play , We did the Legend Of Dakuwaqa (Dakuwanga) . A tale about a shark who wanted to control all the reefs of fiji . Others had their own but 2 groups had the same Idea to do the Three Little Pigs. We were the second or third group to present . We took some time to practice our play in the Te Tuhi hall. Other groups went after that and Aumau's group was the last one to do their group . When we finished all our Roleplays , We headed into the art room to make a poster about it . I put on my poster , a shark , a kava bowl , and an octopus to represent the stories .  After I finished that , We were aloud to move onto our carbon paper tracing . I didn't finish it in time though . We finished off our visits by saying thank you to one another . Overall , Te Tuhi was a great experience and I hope to come back some time .

Athletics : House Meeting #2

Today , after Te Tuhi In a rainy afternoon , all the classes went to their groups to have another house meetings to remember the chants and discuss what would happen on friday and what we would have for decorations . We even have a mascot ! . I myself didn't think that was going to happen but here it is . While we were practicing our chants , the rain and thunder just became much worse getting louder every time . We spent some time practicing . Probably some more because we had to get the little kids to remember the words of the song . The songs were printed on paper so it was easier for them to remember . After some time , Everyone managed to say the words to each song properly . I think the Year 7 and Year 8's already knew what the words were to each chant . We had some time so we were able to practice Willow's chant . 
Both Willow and Sifa demonstrated the chant . I forgot how to do it but it was a pretty good chant . We did one more chant to finish the house meeting off for today.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Athletics : House Meetings

Before athletics on friday , We had to practice our chants in our house meetings so we know what we are going to chant when we are competing in races against Alamein , Tobruk and Benghazi so when we're doing our chants , We could be as loud as we can be . We spent some time trying to remember some chants we came up with . It was mostly , Matthew , Sifa and Aumau who remembered the chants . Sifa and Matthew had to present the chants to the people in Tripoli so everyone knew what they were going to do . And when we finished doing all the chants , Tobruk was already outside so we guessed they wanted to challenge us . We had our chants ready so we competed against one another with our chants . It kept on going and then Benghazi came out with their chants ready . It took a little for both Tobruk and Tripoli to recognize Benghazi and then we came together to compete against Benghazi to see who had the better chants . It kept on going until the bell rang . Athletics this year is going to be a little different but we will still have normal races against one another . 

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Tamaki College Year 8 Day Reflection : Period 1

On Thursday , After technology had finished , All the year 8's had to stay behind because it was a day for the year 8's where we stay there and learn about what Tamaki College does at school . For me , Ricky and Vuni , It was good experience for us because we were going there next year so this was a good chance to see what it is going to be like at Tamaki College next year . When we got there , We had to eat first . After that , Our first session was with a math teacher . Our first game was , Two Truths , One Lie . The game was to guess between three jobs and see which two were true and which one was a lie . The three jobs was working at a restaurant , working as a banker , and working as a forklift driver . We took our time figuring out what the truths were and which job was the lie . I thought it was banker but I got it wrong because he said he used to work at a restaurant in G.I but there was no restaurant there . So the lie was working at a restaurant . We then played battle ships . That had something to do with maths because of the X and Y axis . Most people knew how to play that . If you do not know what it is , Search up how to play it . We played for some time . We managed to get all of his ships out but for me , He only got two of my ships . So , I think the students won this battle . Our next class , was science .

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Manaiakalani Film Festival Movie : #DABOYZ : The Birth Of A Boy Band. (POINT ENGLAND SCHOOL)

Today at the manaiakalani film festival , We got to see what Point England School was working on for their Manaiakalani film festival movies . One of their movies I liked was #Daboyz : The Birth Of a Boy Band . Their acting skills were good and funny at the same time . Another thing I liked about their movie was the songs they used . I'd applaud them on using 90's songs from Backstreet Boys . Backstreet boys was quite the famous band back then and I like how they used their songs today . Overall that movie was really great . This LINK will show you the video.

Manaiakalani Film Festival Movie : FITNESS

Through out the weeks , We have been working on our movie for fitness for the manaiakalani film festival . I liked that movie because it gave the whole class a role to play in that movie to make everyone feel like a part of that movie . Our movie was based on fitness and what it meant . This LINK will show you what our movie was all about . 
Being fit to me , was something that is important in life to remain healthy and strong . 

Year 8 Day Tommorow!

Tomorrow , After technology , all of the year 8's are going to stay behind and experience what it is going to be like there for some students to see what it is like when they go there next year but for others , It is just going there to learn and see what students at Tamaki College/T.C  do when they are at school learning different things . I wonder what we could learn from both the students and the teachers tomorrow . The year 8's are going to be there for the entire day so we'll be dismissed from Tamaki College . Me , Vuni and Ricky plan to go to Tamaki College next year . So it is good time to experience what Tamaki College is like . 

Manaiakalani Film Festival Reflection

Today , Tamaki primary along with several other schools came to present their movies at Sylvia Park for the 10th manaiakalani film festival in 2017 . Before we left , we had to partner up with our Room 3 buddies . I had to partner up with Moana and Leilani , My original buddies when it doesn't come to buddy reading . We had to hold onto our buddies hands because they could have easily gotten distracted by many shops inside Sylvia Park . Many schools were there as well to see others movies as well as their own and see what they think about it . When we got there , Some of the students were already there waiting for our turn so we could all go in . We spent most of that time talking to our friends and then the time came where we could go in . Most of the students had already filled the normal seats so me and my buddies got to sit on a recliner chair . It was mostly point england movies and tamaki primary movies for a while . Other schools were still waiting because of the time we had . But by the time we finished , Other schools just got there even when we left . When we got back to school , there was still time before lunch time so we had to write up about it.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

No Kiwican

Yesterday , I made a post of how I thought there were going to be kiwican today but our kiwican teacher Lily , Was not here to do kiwican so what did we do? Instead of going back to class , We went outside to play a game of golden child . We used to play that game 2 terms ago in basketball . We played two rounds and my team lost . There was still time so we played a little bit of bull rush before it was cut short by the boys wanting to play basketball . It was on and off but then it went into two half court games . I was on the other part of the court while some of the boys were playing on the bottom half of the court. We played for some time before going onto playing shineline basketball . We put ourselves into teams and played for some time until lunch time . It was a great way to make up for kiwican time. 

Monday, 6 November 2017

My Reply To Aletheia's Comment

As I go through my blog , I see that I have gotten a comment from a someone in my class and as I check , The comment came from Aletheia . A person with an impressive blogging record for last month , and this month . She commented on me on my statement on ending the violence between the country which was happening when people were celebrating or getting ready for me . The fighting between the two great nations were disappointing and was as someone said , Undermined their relationship between the two countries and had people pleading for this to stop. Overall , Thank you Aletheia for commenting on my blog . I'll do the same on your blog some time.

Kiwican Tommorow!

Tomorrow , After morning tea , There is kiwi can for us in the middle block . 2 weeks ago , I think that we were learning about respect and what it means to us . Last week , I don't think there was any Kiwican because of Kiwican jam for the people from my class who signed up for kiwican jam . I hope we get to make up for that session tomorrow.

Cybersmarts Tommorow!

Tomorrow morning , at 10:00 Room 9 is doing cybersmarts until lunchtime . Last week , we learned about " Smart Money " . Smart Money to me I guess means that it means using your money wisely online . Now using your money online is something you have to be safe with because you might be scammed so you have to be careful on what sites you use your money on . 
For example : 
These people were scammed because they thought what they were buying was actually what they were gonna get. I hope to learn more on how to use money safely online tomorrow when Ms Shearing comes in to teach us more about Smart Money.

Reading The Book Wonder

For the past 3 terms or so , Room 9 has been reading the book called wonder . For those of you who don't know what wonder is , Wonder is a book about a boy named August  with a deformed face . He has to cope with people staring at him because of how he looks . He was once home schooled but has now started his journey at school making a couple of friends along the way. Me and my class are close to finishing the book so we can go to the movies . I think that we are reading the book so we know what happens in the movie . 

Official Trailer For Movie :

Read the book if you can.

Coming Up : Manaiakalani Film Festival

This wednesday , Tamaki primary is going to a film festival along with other schools to see what they have been working for their movie or movies . Juniors and seniors are going . Many schools are going to be there and watch other schools movies and see what they think about the movies. I am excited as I get to see what everyone at different schools have been working on for their movie.
Image result for Manaiakalani

Reading Test

In the morning , Me and my class did a test based on reading . Though I had done this already , I think it is was either because some people didn't do it or we had to correct our answers . The test went on until we had to go outside to kiwisport . I took it as the time to re-write some answers and see If I actually understood the questions . There were some questions I had to revisit . After that , I decided to wait behind for Vuni so we could finish together . When we did that , We went back to doing work while everyone else was still doing their tests. Once everyone finished , It was time for us to go to kiwisport.

Kiwisport Reflection

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Game Day !

After all the violence gone through both nations of Tonga and Samoa , The time has come to settle it on the field tonight in their game which could possibly be the greatest game yet between these two countries . Many league fans have been pleading for the fighting to stop . Even the Samoan and Tongan police had something to say about it . Getting league fans to keep the peace before the game . This game is gonna be exciting , I'll say that . But the outcome is something your gonna have to see for yourself.

Gone To My Sister's Prizegiving

On friday , I stayed home so I could go to my sisters prizegiving at 11:00 with my mum and dad . My sister's prizegiving was at Auckland Girls Grammar so it took a while to get there by car . We were dropped off by my older sister but my sister who was getting a prize giving was already there because she went before us in the morning . In the hall , many parents were there to celebrate their children's prize win . The program was from 11:00 to 1:00 so there were a lot of awards to give out that day . When the program started , Many people were introduced so I just thought they were staff  .every year 11 , 12 , and 13's were extremely happy for their friend and they meant that because their screams almost blew off my ears  and shocked me because they were that loud . But the excitement didn't end there . My sister was one of the year 11's to get an award for excellence on philosophy . I didn't know what that meant because I was still one year away from college . Haka's were performed , and multiple awards were given out even to one person for completing 5 subjects . Time passed and I fell asleep during the awards but I woke up in time when they were announcing the head girls and deputy head girl . It's there where they screamed even louder because they were REALLY EXCITED! for their friend or friends . When the deputy head girl was announced , all the girls went up . But one of the head girls , Instead of going back to sit down , she went to hug her grandpa and she looked really happy . Like , Crying happy . The deputy head girl was Lauryn Patea . They sang their school song and then ended with another song . One thing I didn't see coming was the Samoan and Tongan flag . But even though me and  my mum gave my sister lolly necklaces , She didn't end up keeping them . Also , Even I had to say congratulations even though we love to argue at each other at home. 

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Rugby League Cup : Tonga Vs Samoa : Custom T-SHIRT

Today , Most of the people went to touch so me and my class were put in Room 10 for the day. We still had tasks to do and one of them was about the league game for Samoa Vs Tonga . Some people in my class have already made their choice for which team they choose . But after watching Samoa's game with New Zealand , Im wondering if they still have a chance to beat Tonga after their loss to New Zealand. We had many slides to complete in the two blocks we had to do these . Some people were doing wonder papers and others were doing their art for Te Tuhi. Me , Vuni and some other people decided to do the Rugby League presentation and one of the slides was to create a custom t-shirt for either Tonga or Samoa and I chose to make one for Samoa . It took me a while to come up with designs for the custom t-shirt but I managed to come up with some designs. It took some time to edit the designs to make it fit . It all came together but I still have some slides to finish.

Writing Test : Reflection

2 days ago , Me and my class did a spelling test based on an explanation text . We were practicing this a while ago when we were learning about explanation texts and we made our own . We did this and it all led up to the test . We did a couple some tests before that . For our writing test , we had to explain what it means to be a good friend .  Like all our other tests , we had to remain silent because it was a ... test. I thought the test was 45 minutes only but it stopped when our teacher said so . The test was quite long so people had some time to think about what they could write. And so the test went on for as long as it could and I had a lot written down by that time along with everyone else. By the time we had finished , It was time to move onto something else.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

How To Be A Good Citizen?

How To Be A Good Citizen .
What is a Citizen?
A citizen a person who inhabits a town or a city . In other words , it is a person . Being a citizen means that you are now part of the country instead of just being a person who lives in that country . It also means that the country you live in is now your home . Or your new home if you’ve come from another country.

Being a good citizen means that you don’t disrespect your new home or anyone else's .  You are a part of that home as well because you are now a citizen of that country .Help others as well because they may like you for a  new person helping other people .

Another way of being a good citizen , Is to have positive relationships with other people  . Positive relationships with other people would mean making new friends. Being a good citizen to me means that you respect all the people all around you and your surroundings because you belong in that place.

Maths Reflection

Today for maths , My groups task was to answer a word problem because we had to get ready for gloss testing and the questions we had to answer were going to be like the questions we were gonna do in gloss texting which were gonna happen soon for maths . Before we did this we played a little flash cards before we did our work . We did that for a while and then we had to get down to the actual task . When me and Vuni were doing the task we got stuck at the 3/5's part because we thought it was fifteen . But before that Vuni thought it was twelve . In our confused state we just sat there to think about it . Vuni told me something on how we could get the answer . So I thought , What makes the 20? so I tried 5 x 4 = 20 . It didn't take me long to realise that I knew how to make the twelve Vuni spoke about before . Because three 4's make the 12 . So I wrote down 1/5 of 20 three times which equalled 12 . So the answer was 12 . We finished before lunch time came .