Monday, 18 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey : Week 4 : Activity 2 : ​Sporting​ ​Heroes

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In 2015 , A kiwi named Lydia Ko , became the youngest woman in the world to reach the number #1 ranking . She was only 17 years old . Many people from New Zealand admire her and think of her as their modern day hero .  

Now . Who is my modern day hero? 
I'm gonna pick ... Lydia Ko . For her , It must have been a great experience to start golfing at a young age for golfing . Her skills at golfing are amazing . A lot of people admire her as her hero . I admire her for her skills and why she is a hero to other people . She was the youngest to claim a LPGA tour cup ! . She is quite young to be golfing . And I like that . She didn't wanna wait a couple just to join golf at the right age , She joined at a suitable age . The age of 17 . I think that this was probably her first dream . Maybe . She's on a roll this year . I hope she could win more . 
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  1. Hi again LJ, nice choice for this activity. Lydia Ko is very impressive and such a talent. Do you play golf? I have only given it a go a couple of times but I wasn't very good. I have played a lot of mini golf though, and I've also been to the driving range a few times. It's pretty cool when a New Zealander does so well at a sport. It makes you feel proud to be a kiwi.

    Do you have another favourite sportsperson?

    Thanks, Billy