Sunday, 17 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey : Week 2 : A Call To Arms

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What Did Lloyd Trigg do to earn a Victoria Cross? 
Lloyd Trigg ,During an operational sortie on the 11 of August 1943 , He sighted a U-468 on the surface . Despite being hit repeatedly and rapidly , He continually pushed his attack and It was there he fatally damaged the german submarine with depth charges . The crippled Liberator crashed into the sea taking the lives of the the crew along with it .  The German survivors praised his courage after they were picked up by an allied ship . The evidence was instrumental in the New Zealander being awarded a posthumous VC. 

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  1. Hi LJ,
    This is a great post! Lloyd Trigg was a very brave man! The fact that the German survivors were the only survivors able to recount his brave actions and that was the only evidence used for him to gain the VC, made this case quite unique and exceptional. You made an excellent choice here because of the reasons above. Furthermore, I really liked that you to also added a picture of him, well done!

    Kia kaha,