Sunday, 17 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey : Week 3 : Day​ ​5:​ ​Maintaining​ ​the​ ​Status​ ​Quo​ ​(The​ ​1990’s)

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Activity #1 : In 1990 , One of the biggest national parks in New Zealand , Tongariro , was listed as a World Heritage Site . It is a spectacular place to visit . Thousands of people go every time and hike the Tongariro crossing . 
What would I need to Bring?
Well . Here's My List
- Food 
( No human can live without food . Probably For about 3 weeks then that's it . High chance of dying through those 3 weeks. Also gonna be so hungry I'm gonna call it the hunger games just to look for food )
- Water 
( 3 JUGS . ICE COLD.) 
- Energy Drinks Or Energy Bars 
( Also Ice Cold Too . You're hiking somewhere that's hot . You don't wanna drink a warm energy drink . Food doesn't really have an excuse for staying warm so you're fine with food. )
 - Hiking Sticks . 
( Not a hike with some hike sticks .Otherwise it's just a walk in a park . Get it?)
- Boots
 ( They're thick so that's good )
- Hat 
( The Only way you can get shade probably. )
- Singlet 
( In case it gets hot and you have to take off your T-shirt )
- Clothes 
(YES . JUST . YES .)
- Sleeping Bag 
(I Guess?)

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