Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey : Week 4 : Day 5 : Looking Into The Future.

Activity #1 : Your Future Self 
It may be hard to imagine but one day you will finish and graduate from college and it will be hard to decide what to do next  . You may want to study at university , become an apprentice , go to training college , travel , Or start working . There are so many options to pick ! .
One thing I'd like to do is design . I like to do drawings alot so that will help . Maybe I could design a car or another weapon because I mostly like drawing weapons . Or design new cultural patterns .

Image result for flying cars

If I had to choose a future flying car , I would choose this . An Aerial Porsche . I'd choose this for speed and also I think it's really light so it will do the job if you want to go faster . But of course , there are faster cars . Like the Lamborghini Centenario , Aventador , The T20 , The Tuatara 
( Yes . It's a car . Not the animal , the car .) 

Then there's this BEAST
Image result for Hummer
For those of you who don't know , This is a Hummer . A type of Truck or SUV . It's a famous brand besides jeep . They're sort of like the same but I'm not really sure if they have a hummersine . Yes . Hummer went that far with their luxury they decided to create a Limousine crossed with a hummer . A Hummersine . Good thinking .

Then there's this classic .
This wouldn't be a bad look for a flying car but yeah . You wouldn't want wind rushing over your face when your flying in the sky.

I choose .... The Hummer . The hummer is a good mix of speed and armor . It's a heavy car so It could probably withstand an accident depending on how fast you go. Most sports cars have a lighter armor to go more faster . This car is a good mix . 
Image result for Hummer

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  1. Kia ora LJ,

    My name is Emiely (pronounced “Emily”) and I work alongside Patricia at the Summer Learning Journey!

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog! You blog with so much personality and add your own flare and personal views to your blog posts. Well done, LJ!

    Great job completing this activity. I like the way you have made a comment about each car and decided on your overall favourite. I probably would've gone with the flying car because aeroplane tickets are expensive, but a Hummer is a great choice! A very cool and stylish car to be driving around indeed! Wouldn't it be cool if you could use your passion for design to add designs to cars? I think a Hummer with a cultural pattern would look amazing!

    It's awesome to see how actively you have been blogging this summer. You've even completed the entire list of activities and commented on other blogs - well done, LJ! Remember that you can always go back and add to the activities you have already completed to make sure they are the best blog posts that you can do. I know the Summer Learning Journey team have enjoyed reading and commenting on your blog. We can't wait to see what else you will blog!

    Noho ora mai,

    Emiely :)