Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey : Week 4 : Activity 2 : Country Calender

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Did any of you know that the longest running show in New Zealand HISTORY is Country Calendar ? . This historic show made it's debut the 6th Of March 1966 and has carried on ever since . If you can figure out the math , You're a smart person . You're still a smart person even if you don't figure it out . So it doesn't really matter if you get the question wrong . 

Anyways , What do I think is so challenging for these farmers.
I think one thing that's challenging is keeping their entire farm safe. It might be easy but I think that it's grown due to popularity and there's a lot more to be taken care of these days .

Looking after animals . Looking after their crops or food is one thing . Looking after their animals is another thing too . Some animals might like to run around the place and it is hard to keep them contained . I guess they must have better homes for them now . If not better ways to keep them contained and fed . 

Last thing . Taking care of the vehicles . Yes . farmers use some machines to help with cutting down or digging to grow some crops on . Back then It would have taken longer than usual . Now a days it's a little shorter but it's still long . 

Would I like to become a farmer ?
Not really . I would probably pursue my dreams of becoming an artist or a person who works with technology . To me that sounds great . But of course , working at a farm sounds great too . What would you want to do ?

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  1. Hey LJ,

    You’ve made some really great points about challenging factors farmers would face. You’ve really tried hard to put yourself in their shoes and gather some perspective. It is so awesome to see that you have an idea about the path you want to take in the future. Maybe next time you could include a list comparing the pros and cons of being a farmer, I’m certain this would help others decide. What is one thing about farming you’d consider a pro?

    A pro of farming for me is the fact that I would be helping the New Zealand economy by selling sought after New Zealand made dairy products to foreign markets. Think about the positive aspects to help..

    Toe feiloa’i fo’i,