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Summer Learning Journey : Bonus Activity #6 - #EarnTheFern

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After the Treaty of Waitangi was signed, New Zealand
became a British colony. Many other countries in the
world were also British colonies including Canada,
South Africa, Australia, India and Malaysia. As a group
they were, and still are, called the ‘Commonwealth’
countries. Years ago, a man named Melville Marks
(Bobby) Robinson was asked to organize a sporting
competition for people living in the Commonwealth
countries. It is called the Commonwealth Games. The
first ever event took place in Hamilton, Canada in 1930.

Athletes from New Zealand have competed in the Commonwealth Games for years. In the most recent Commonwealth Games event in Glasgow, Scotland New Zealand athletes won a total of 45 medals. The next Commonwealth Games will be held in 2018 in the Gold Coast, Australia. Hundreds of athletes are competing for the chance to represent NZ at the games (to 'Earn the Fern').
One of New Zealand’s gold-medal-winning Commonwealth
athletes was a man named Bill Kini . Bill won a gold medal at the 1966 Commonwealth Games for being the best heavyweight boxer. He was a man of many talents! He played rugby in Ōtāhuhu in the
1960s and later moved to

4 Questions I would Ask Bill Kini 

What Motivated you like , what got you to your gold medal?

Do you think that you could have won more ?

Was It easy trying to do multitasking when you were training for two sports at once?

Was any part of your training easy?

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  1. Hi again LJ,

    I have really enjoyed reading your four questions you have crafted to ask Bill Kini during an interview. I really like your first question asking about his motivations. This could lead to a surprising answer. I also like the third question you have written about the difficulty of multi tasking when training for two sports at once.

    If you could interview anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

    Thanks, Billy