Saturday, 16 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey : Coming To An End

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After six long years of fighting, World War II finally came to an end in 1945. The entire country was ecstatic and parties were thrown all over New Zealand to celebrate VE Day (Victory in Europe). Imagine that you were living in New Zealand in
1945 and you had to plan a VE day party at your house. Who would you invite?
What would you do to celebrate?
On your blog, tell us all about your (imaginary) VE party. If it was me, I would invite all of my closest friends and family over to my house for a big barbecue. Having a barbeque is one thing . But to be honest , I don't think that the celebrations in my family would end there . Sometimes , we would continue the celebrations at a relative's house . Maybe going to the beach? . We would have a lot of dances at our relative's house . The celebration would be fun.

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