Saturday, 16 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey : Week 1 : It's All In The Family

In this task , I had to do a pepeha explaining who I am and who my family is . This activity talked about acknowledging my family . My pepeha is a little different because it involves my river and my mountain . I chose Mt wellington because It is the closest mountain I know . It was the same thing for the tamaki river . It was the closest river to me too.

Basically saying - Deal with who I am . Cause It's who I will
be for the rest of me life.


  1. Nice one Lj,
    I really enjoy looking at your pepeha it is so cool and very good because how you have written down lots of facts then I did.
    Great Job Lj
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Likewise Aletheia , You doing a lot too . Keep it up!

  3. Hi LJ,
    Good job here with your pepeha. What you did write about the the pepeha is very important and it shows your understanding. Your pepeha is about your past, your roots but it's also about your present and who you are. Well done!
    IMPORTANT: I think you missed week 1 day 3 activity 1 as I am unable to find it. Could you kindly verify and let me know?
    Kia kaha,