Sunday, 17 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey : Week 3 : Bonus Activity #9 : A Bilingual Schooling System

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For much of the past century , schools in New Zealand taught students in the language of english . In 1972 , a Nga Tamatoa member , Ms Hana Jackson submitted a partition to the government to teach the kids Te Reo Maori and Maori culture in New Zealand schools. 
 If I had to think about one thing that needs to change in my school even though I've finished school , Is that maybe the school should bring back lunches . Lunches was what children could get from the school if they had money but were waiting for school to end so they could spend it . True , They could by lunch from the dairy , But if you buy lunch from the school , you'd probably be helping them gain some money . 

My Letter To The Principal  :
Dear Ms Kelly , I know that you have a lot of money that the kids at your school have been fundraising for a long time . Both past kids and the ones that are at the school at this current time of year. Ever since Term 2 , I think , You've stopped lunches and said you would bring it back soon I think but it didn't happen . It left me wondering why it didn't come back . But time passed and I never really cared anymore . Until now . Maybe bringing lunches back might help you with gaining more money for the school

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