Saturday, 16 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey : Bonus Activity : Fun Family Facts

Forgot to add in my parents so here it is

Fact #1 ( Mum & Dad ) My mum and dad are good at taking care of us
Fact #2 ( My Mum ) Good at Shopping for things and cleaning the house
Fact #3 ( My Dad ) - He is good at lifting heavy things like my brother . 

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In this activity , I had to write down what makes my family unique . I have chosen three people . My older sisters and older brother. It was kind of easy since I know them quite well.
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  1. Hey there LJ, I am blown away by how many activities you have completed. Great job!

    It is interesting reading this post about your family and their fun facts. It sounds like your two sisters are really kind and caring people, always taking care of young people in your family. I laughed when you said that your brother was good at being lazy and sleeping. At least he is helpful when something heavy needs lifting!

    What two facts would you include about yourself?

    Thanks, Billy