Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Tamaki College Year 8 Day : Period 4 & 5

After Period 2 and 3 , Came our 4th period which was lunch time . In that time , We got to have subway for lunch time which for me , was a first because I've never had subway before . Until now . Even though it had vegetables I didn't really care unless it had meat so I ate it anyways with the vegetables . For lunch time , We either got to play basketball or rugby .Or stay inside . I stayed outside for a little with Vuni but then we both went outside to enjoy ourselves with the others by playing master which was a basketball game . We enjoyed ourselves for some time until lunch time ended and it was time for us to move onto our next period which was period 5 . For period 5 it was a subject we would probably learn about in college next year which was english . It wasn't a whole " write us a 5 page essay " thing it was just something to get us ready for what it was going to be like next year . But yet again , It was something that was sort of easy . We had to memorise words and write down as much was we remembered . I managed to remember all of them and finish along with 3 other people . Maybe 4 . The next task for these words , was to write down the visual meaning . Writing down what we think it means .It was because we had to prepare ourselves for a story we had to describe the words . At the End Kenneth had the better images to describe his story.

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