Wednesday, 1 November 2017

How To Be A Good Citizen?

How To Be A Good Citizen .
What is a Citizen?
A citizen a person who inhabits a town or a city . In other words , it is a person . Being a citizen means that you are now part of the country instead of just being a person who lives in that country . It also means that the country you live in is now your home . Or your new home if you’ve come from another country.

Being a good citizen means that you don’t disrespect your new home or anyone else's .  You are a part of that home as well because you are now a citizen of that country .Help others as well because they may like you for a  new person helping other people .

Another way of being a good citizen , Is to have positive relationships with other people  . Positive relationships with other people would mean making new friends. Being a good citizen to me means that you respect all the people all around you and your surroundings because you belong in that place.

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