Thursday, 2 November 2017

Rugby League Cup : Tonga Vs Samoa : Custom T-SHIRT

Today , Most of the people went to touch so me and my class were put in Room 10 for the day. We still had tasks to do and one of them was about the league game for Samoa Vs Tonga . Some people in my class have already made their choice for which team they choose . But after watching Samoa's game with New Zealand , Im wondering if they still have a chance to beat Tonga after their loss to New Zealand. We had many slides to complete in the two blocks we had to do these . Some people were doing wonder papers and others were doing their art for Te Tuhi. Me , Vuni and some other people decided to do the Rugby League presentation and one of the slides was to create a custom t-shirt for either Tonga or Samoa and I chose to make one for Samoa . It took me a while to come up with designs for the custom t-shirt but I managed to come up with some designs. It took some time to edit the designs to make it fit . It all came together but I still have some slides to finish.

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