Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Reading Test Reflection

This morning , After the day started , We were planning to do a Te Tuhi reflection but I was fine since I had already finished mine last night when I was blogging . But that was sort of interrupted when we had to do another reading test and I think it was because we moved up a level . My paper was about Bay Rescue . The story was about a young girl named Melanie  who finds a broken plant in her gutter and decides to bring it to life . Her family and some others didn't know what the plant was even the gardening centre didn't know what it was until the mother learns that it is a bay plant, Her daughter researches the bay plant and is shocked that it grows 10 metres tall . She soon realised caring for that plant was a mistake. I had to read through the questions carefully so I understood what it meant and why . The story was an interesting one because one girl took care of a plant nobody else really cared about . 
( An Actual Bay Plant )

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