Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Last Te Tuhi Session

Today , For te tuhi , It was our last visit with our Te Tuhi teacher , Salome . I wasn't here for the first session but I caught up with the other two sessions so I knew what we were doing . But for this session , We did something a little different . We did , Roleplay for this session . For me , I thought we were just carrying on with tracing images onto paper with carbon paper but it was an unusual subject for me and some other people . We were put into groups on monday before today and In my group were Helen , Leilani and Vuni . For our play , We did the Legend Of Dakuwaqa (Dakuwanga) . A tale about a shark who wanted to control all the reefs of fiji . Others had their own but 2 groups had the same Idea to do the Three Little Pigs. We were the second or third group to present . We took some time to practice our play in the Te Tuhi hall. Other groups went after that and Aumau's group was the last one to do their group . When we finished all our Roleplays , We headed into the art room to make a poster about it . I put on my poster , a shark , a kava bowl , and an octopus to represent the stories .  After I finished that , We were aloud to move onto our carbon paper tracing . I didn't finish it in time though . We finished off our visits by saying thank you to one another . Overall , Te Tuhi was a great experience and I hope to come back some time .

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