Monday, 13 November 2017

Athletics : House Meetings

Before athletics on friday , We had to practice our chants in our house meetings so we know what we are going to chant when we are competing in races against Alamein , Tobruk and Benghazi so when we're doing our chants , We could be as loud as we can be . We spent some time trying to remember some chants we came up with . It was mostly , Matthew , Sifa and Aumau who remembered the chants . Sifa and Matthew had to present the chants to the people in Tripoli so everyone knew what they were going to do . And when we finished doing all the chants , Tobruk was already outside so we guessed they wanted to challenge us . We had our chants ready so we competed against one another with our chants . It kept on going and then Benghazi came out with their chants ready . It took a little for both Tobruk and Tripoli to recognize Benghazi and then we came together to compete against Benghazi to see who had the better chants . It kept on going until the bell rang . Athletics this year is going to be a little different but we will still have normal races against one another . 

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