Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Manaiakalani Film Festival Reflection

Today , Tamaki primary along with several other schools came to present their movies at Sylvia Park for the 10th manaiakalani film festival in 2017 . Before we left , we had to partner up with our Room 3 buddies . I had to partner up with Moana and Leilani , My original buddies when it doesn't come to buddy reading . We had to hold onto our buddies hands because they could have easily gotten distracted by many shops inside Sylvia Park . Many schools were there as well to see others movies as well as their own and see what they think about it . When we got there , Some of the students were already there waiting for our turn so we could all go in . We spent most of that time talking to our friends and then the time came where we could go in . Most of the students had already filled the normal seats so me and my buddies got to sit on a recliner chair . It was mostly point england movies and tamaki primary movies for a while . Other schools were still waiting because of the time we had . But by the time we finished , Other schools just got there even when we left . When we got back to school , there was still time before lunch time so we had to write up about it.

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