Saturday, 4 November 2017

Gone To My Sister's Prizegiving

On friday , I stayed home so I could go to my sisters prizegiving at 11:00 with my mum and dad . My sister's prizegiving was at Auckland Girls Grammar so it took a while to get there by car . We were dropped off by my older sister but my sister who was getting a prize giving was already there because she went before us in the morning . In the hall , many parents were there to celebrate their children's prize win . The program was from 11:00 to 1:00 so there were a lot of awards to give out that day . When the program started , Many people were introduced so I just thought they were staff  .every year 11 , 12 , and 13's were extremely happy for their friend and they meant that because their screams almost blew off my ears  and shocked me because they were that loud . But the excitement didn't end there . My sister was one of the year 11's to get an award for excellence on philosophy . I didn't know what that meant because I was still one year away from college . Haka's were performed , and multiple awards were given out even to one person for completing 5 subjects . Time passed and I fell asleep during the awards but I woke up in time when they were announcing the head girls and deputy head girl . It's there where they screamed even louder because they were REALLY EXCITED! for their friend or friends . When the deputy head girl was announced , all the girls went up . But one of the head girls , Instead of going back to sit down , she went to hug her grandpa and she looked really happy . Like , Crying happy . The deputy head girl was Lauryn Patea . They sang their school song and then ended with another song . One thing I didn't see coming was the Samoan and Tongan flag . But even though me and  my mum gave my sister lolly necklaces , She didn't end up keeping them . Also , Even I had to say congratulations even though we love to argue at each other at home. 

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