Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Tamaki College Year 8 Day : Final Period : Period 6

For the last period , we were treated to some P.E by tamaki college's Physical education teacher . We had to walk there because the P.E centre was somewhere else . But it was still inside the school . We met our P.E teacher . I forgot his name though . Anyways , The game we played was apparently Samoan Softball . Just like softball but there's one thing . You don't use a bat because you use your hand to hit the ball but luckily , It wasn't an actual softball it was just rubber ball so it didn't hurt hitting it . We sat on the bench so some people could be given bibs . I was one of the people given bibs . Meanwhile , there was alot of people on the non-bib team . Either way , me and my team went their hardest to beat the non-bib team and it was a great game for everyone I bet . Though I wish EVERYONE had contributed . My team had a pretty good record for a small amount of people . Say about.... 6 or 7 people ?  maybe 8? even with help from one of the tamaki college students. Either way , we still won the game even though Vuni's team had more players , we beat them in both running and tagging people . The final score was 15 - 12
My Team Beat them by 15 .

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