Tuesday, 7 November 2017

No Kiwican

Yesterday , I made a post of how I thought there were going to be kiwican today but our kiwican teacher Lily , Was not here to do kiwican so what did we do? Instead of going back to class , We went outside to play a game of golden child . We used to play that game 2 terms ago in basketball . We played two rounds and my team lost . There was still time so we played a little bit of bull rush before it was cut short by the boys wanting to play basketball . It was on and off but then it went into two half court games . I was on the other part of the court while some of the boys were playing on the bottom half of the court. We played for some time before going onto playing shineline basketball . We put ourselves into teams and played for some time until lunch time . It was a great way to make up for kiwican time. 

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