Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Athletics : House Meeting #2

Today , after Te Tuhi In a rainy afternoon , all the classes went to their groups to have another house meetings to remember the chants and discuss what would happen on friday and what we would have for decorations . We even have a mascot ! . I myself didn't think that was going to happen but here it is . While we were practicing our chants , the rain and thunder just became much worse getting louder every time . We spent some time practicing . Probably some more because we had to get the little kids to remember the words of the song . The songs were printed on paper so it was easier for them to remember . After some time , Everyone managed to say the words to each song properly . I think the Year 7 and Year 8's already knew what the words were to each chant . We had some time so we were able to practice Willow's chant . 
Both Willow and Sifa demonstrated the chant . I forgot how to do it but it was a pretty good chant . We did one more chant to finish the house meeting off for today.

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