Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Social Studies : Tokelau's Challenges

Tokelau's Challenges :
Tokelau’s population is probably one of the lowest
populations yet . Niue is just ahead by
probably 200 or more people . But In Tokelau’s
situation , They do the best to survive and sustain
themselves by doing the best they can to
provide food for their people.

They even resort to Palangi food (NZ food)
considering the fact that their only full stock they have
is probably a lot of fish . With some of their land
towered over by water , They cannot risk
the lives of the kids so they have to use a
boat to school .

Loss of population probably includes older
kids leaving with a scholarship to pursue their
learning in New Zealand or Australia . Some
older people eventually come back and reside
in Tokelau permanently to help their elders.

And in return , Their elders help them with their
kids if they have any . Really , They are doing their
best to survive . Tokelau’s main goal is to focus on
their next generation doing the best to ensure their
children's future so that when their parents
" Take their leave " (If you get what I mean) ,
The kids would know what to do as grown ups.

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