Saturday, 5 May 2018

Saturday Reflection

Image result for infinity warA Couple of hours ago , Me and my sisters went to go watch Avengers : Infinity War . In my view , Infinity war Part 1 was one of the best MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) Movie yet . I said part one because part two is only one year from now . Anyways , Infinity war is a movie of where all the heroes come together to fight the mad titan Thanos . Who is the main person of the movie since it was his movie . Certain characters meet up in different places to try and thwart the plan of Thanos . His plan was to gain all infinity stones and end half the universe by snapping his fingers. Yes . By the smallest action , he can end half the universe. This movie ranks number one in my top movies . You can go in , Hyped as can be , and then come out with your eyes frozen still . Or come out crying a river down the escalators . That's how good it was . Though we would have been there early if it weren't for Sylvia park being full . But luckily we made it in time .  To be honest , I think this was a good movie . And while there are a lot more coming up the line , This was a huge success . Black panther was a huge hit too . Part two will live up to part one. No , Surpass it even . Part two , Is currently not set with a title because It is supposed to be a HUGE spoiler .

However , In the midst of all the despair , 
The after credits scene does give you hope for a new arrival...
Image result for Captain marvel logo
P.S , If you know whose logo this is , Feel free to comment below .

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