Thursday, 17 May 2018

Social Studies : Tokelau Character Paragraph : Puka

I chose this man because I think puka
is the type of person that won’t let past
traditions go because he is entirely focused
on not only helping others out , But keeping
the old traditions alive . He is extremely
skilled in Diving and is able to bring
a Impressive amount of fish from under
the sea back to his people to eat .

Despite change and adaptation ,
Puka wouldn’t relinquish the old
traditions trying to keep them alive
so that when it comes time for older
kids , He would be able to teach them
about the ways of old and how to
remain in his view or perspective ,
A “True Tokelauan” .

Often at some points , Puka
would gather other fisherman to
help pull in the fish a lot easier
and faster . Faster because
they use the tide to their
advantage as It pulls in
some good food for them
to eat.

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