Wednesday, 23 May 2018

English - One Experience From My Lifetime

After Lunch Fitness - Last Year , Though lunch
breaks were the 20 minutes of fun outside doing
anything we wanted except anything that was bad .
Except start fights and all of that . But anyways ,
After lunch there was something to do before going
into class and just lie there pretending we were dying
after fitness . Either that or it was bragging about getting
there faster than anyone else . But fitness had it’s perks .
One day we would only last 30 seconds before lying on
the ground , the next , We would probably last 5 or 10
minutes doing planks (I only lasted 2 minutes). Every
day somebody would improve something . And we
would have to be proud of that because our teachers
believed that we could do anything . At one point ,
We would have to run around the school block , go
in through the Summerville entrance , and then run
all the way through the gates back to the top courts .
It was struggling . It really was . I tried to prove myself
resilient by trying to keep up with the faster boys that
would always get there before me . Every time I would
slightly improve even by the smallest bit . Even if no
one recognized it I would always because It’s Me
running . Or jogging .

At one point in time , It was just splitting into three
different groups doing our different exercises . One
of them was Wall or ground pushups and Shuttle Runs ,
One of them was Squats and Step ups , The last one was
…. Planks and Star Jumps . I nailed the Squats and the
Step Ups . Sometimes the girls were ashamed of doing
the Squats . I wasn’t . I considered the Squat* an exercise .
Either that or they were too lazy .

Now what does resilience mean to me exactly? Resilience…
To me , Resilience to me meant not backing down or at least
not trying to back down . It also meant going to my limits if I
wanted get something then I had to strive to get it . I wouldn’t
exactly die while doing it . But If that “ Something ” I wanted
was REALLY , REALLY , Precious to me , I would have to do
what it takes not letting anything stop me in the process . Whether
It was getting parent lectures saying that “ I Suck ” or “ You shouldn’t
be doing it anymore ” , I wouldn’t back down if It meant so much .

It is important to be resilient because Getting a bad comment ,
And letting it get to you wanting redemption as in punch them in
the face , You’d probably think this is what’s best for them . But
worry about only yourself not letting negative comments or thoughts
get to your mind . Even if they punch you in the face , Stand your
ground . Maybe a less violent option will do . Standing your ground
is relatable to resilience because you haven’t backed down from anything .
Whether it was a class test , Or a tournament.

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