Thursday, 17 May 2018

Social Studies : Tokelauan Character Research : Tolise


Tolise was a person who is a officer
in their police force but living on a
small Island , There was not really
much space for there to be a full
jail So they try to keep the criminals
out of Jail .

One way they do this is try to talk
them out of it . Probably talking
them out of it was their only option
the could actually afford to do .
Tolise is also a mother of her own
son . She also loves her country .
Though they face challenges , She
tries her best to do what she can
to help her home .

When it comes to the council’s decision ,
She does not object or defy ,She only says
“Thank You” and then moves on to continue
with thecouncil’s decision to help them with
whatever situation they have going on .Or
anything else for that matter .
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