Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Social Studies - Return To Tokelau

Returning to Tokelau ... It feels great to return home after years of study, I finally get to return home spending years over seas doing studies spending time away from family to further my own education . I'm sure my family understood . Well . They probably have anyways but had to be certain . Returning home feels great . But It does mean one thing . Loss of WiFi and Internet . I mean , the last bit of WiFi I got was on the plane . I'm gonna miss the WiFi. Unless they have WiFi over there then I'll be fine . But It also means that I have to do a lot of stuff . Cleaning , Cooking and Caring for the rest of the younger ones . But currently , Family is all that matters . I hope getting there will be really , really , fun . I feel that a lot of things are gonna happen there that may change my life . Keyword " May ". Depends on what I do .
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