Monday, 21 May 2018

Science : Amoeba Questions

How does an Amoeba Grow? :
They are single-celled organisms
that grow and reproduce asexually,
Replicating through both binary
fission and sporulation.

How does an amoeba move ? :
Amoebas move their body by
changing body from liquid to
solid in the form of pseudopods.
When they want to move their
pseudopods become a liquid
form and then move it into the
direction of travel . After their
pseudopods get to where they
want to go , they harden into a
solid form and their body into a
liquid to let it catch up.

How does an Amoeba
reproduce? Amoebas reproduce
by a process called binary
fission . Meaning that it
splits itself into two Identical

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