Friday, 10 March 2017

LJ - Kiwi Can Reflection - 7th March 2017

WALT : Cooperate With Our Teammates.
Kiwi Can - 7th March , 2017 .

Today for Kiwi Can we had to get into 4 separate groups . We chose our groups , And as soon as I got into my group , looked around that then thought that the groups were even . I don't even think they were even . We then played a game called " 15 Seconds " . With our partner beside us we had to talk to them . My partner was Vuni . Vuni went first as He decided what he liked  - The topics were , Your favourite food , Your favourite thing to do on the weekend , Favourite Colour ,And something else that I had forgotten . Vuni's Choices were - Favourite food - KFC  , His Favourite Colour - Blue , His Favourite thing to do on the weekend - Play On Bike Or Laptop . And The other I had forgotten . But we played it for quite a while switching partners . My Last partner was Aumau . I forgot his too.

Few minutes after we played a decoding game , Where the teacher set up chairs and there were patterns to it  that we had to solve .There were two groups in different spaces . 2 groups in the same place had to play against each other . While the other two in their space did the same . My group was filled with just boys . There were no girls . In the other group , It was mostly filled with girls . With about 4 Boys in it . For every turn the groups took , We never knew if we were gonna get it right or wrong . So we started to watch our teammates moves on where they got it right or wrong . Getting it wrong was where we tried to stay away from . Every member of the group went for a go  , Even if they were gonna get it wrong or not . Some got it right in one go even . The rounds went on for quite a while and there was quite a bit of volume going on in the hall because the excitement of getting it right was what everyone had . But I thought we were winning , But the other team was . For me , I found it weird because I thought we were getting it right mostly .

It ended with the opposite team winning , and on the other side it was the other team on the right side that won the game . We finished with the same old chant because we barely came up with one yet . We ended with that and then we went back to class .

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  1. Sup LJ,

    I really enjoyed your writing about "Kiwi Can." You made some mistakes with your spelling. I look forward to your next amazing work.

    From Roimata.